Goose Performs ‘So Ready’ In Charleston: Pro-Shot Video

By Scott Bernstein May 24, 2021 12:42 pm PDT

Goose served up official video featuring “So Ready” from their May 6th concert at Riverfront Park in Charleston, South Carolina. The audience did its part by providing an energetic reaction to the second set opener at Goose’s lone show at the venue.

Original “So Ready” dates back to 2015 as per Phantasy Tour. Goose finally gave the song the studio treatment as the second single on their forthcoming Shenanigans Nite Club album. The nine-track LP arrives on Friday, June 4.

“It’s about a guy at this hometown party,” Goose guitarist/vocalist Rick Mitarotonda said of the song. “There are all of these people he hasn’t seen in a while and a girl he has unfinished business with. He always had a thing for her. It’s about seeing her, having a moment on the dance floor, and rekindling whatever was there. It’s come to take on other meanings to us as well though. It’s captured some of the excitement of going for it and all of the possibility and wonder of building a band these past few years.”

While the studio version doesn’t quite reach the five-minute mark, Goose often jams “So Ready” out in concert. The Charleston version features a latin beat laid down by drummer Ben Atkind and percussionist Jeff Arevalo. Peter Anspach takes the first guitar solo before moving to keys as Mitarotonda brings “So Ready” to a frothy peak.

See Goose’s “So Ready” performance from May 6, 2021 below:

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