Goose Announces New Album ‘Shenanigans Nite Club’ & Shares ‘Spirit Of The Dark Horse’ Single

By Scott Bernstein Mar 19, 2021 6:48 am PDT

Goose will release their long-awaited sophomore studio album, Shenanigans Nite Club, on June 4. The Connecticut-based jam quintet unveiled the single “Spirit Of The Dark Horse” from their forthcoming nine-track LP, which is currently available for pre-order.

The band’s debut studio album, Moon Cabin, was issued in 2016. Goose’s lineup has changed a few times over the past five years and now consists of guitarist Rick Mitarotonda, multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach, percussionist Jeff Arevalo, bassist Trevor Weekz and drummer Ben Atkind.

“While we’ve been touring, the record has been happening in the background,” explained Mitarotonda. “It’s been quite the process. At times, it was difficult. The record is a companion to those growing pains.”

Goose teased the album earlier this week by sharing the Shenanigans Nite Club trailer. Now comes “Spirit Of The Dark Horse,” described as the first Goose song ever written. “Spirit Of The Dark Horse” was originally worked up by co-founders Mitarotonda and Weekz in lengthier form than what transpired in the studio. Goose played the song sparingly in their early years.

Listen to “Spirit Of The Dark Horse” below:

Shenanigans Nite Club Tracklist

  1. So Ready
  2. (s∆tellite)
  3. Madhuvan
  4. SOS
  5. (dawn)
  6. Flodown
  7. Spirit of the Dark Horse
  8. (7hunder)
  9. The Labyrinth
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