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  • Amythyst Kiah

    In this episode, Maggie is joined by singer/songwriter Amythyst Kiah to talk about her new album and the experiences that led to her success. Amythyst shares stories from growing up in Tennessee, how support and encouragement from her parents helped her overcome issues with identity and anxiety, and the impact that music and writing has…

  • Paget Brewster

    Actress Paget Brewster joins Rhett from her home in Los Angeles to talk about her career as an actor, and the immense gratitude she holds for the artistic journey she’s on. Paget and Rhett talk about why voice excites her, how pre-performance nerves are a blessing in disguise, why it’s fun to die in a…

  • Episode 2: Mr. Completely

    In this episode of Alive Again, you’ll hear Trey Anastasio and his bandmates talk about the creation of Vermont recording studio The Barn, the rise of the Trey Anastasio Band, and watershed moments like their first shows at Red Rocks, the first Bonnaroo festival in 2002, and a show in Utica where the band literally…

  • Episode 18 – Molly Tuttle

    It’s time for another episode of Inside The Musicians Brain! In today’s episode, Chris talks with vocalist, banjo player and guitarist Molly Tuttle about her new EP of cover songs titled …but i’d rather be with you, her process for making this EP as well as her process in general, and Molly shares her journey with…

  • Father’s Day 2021

    Episode 98 is my annual Father’s Day episode. Last year was the first year I didn’t post one of these. Fittingly, as we sat today (on Father’s Day) and tried to remember what our family actually did to celebrate Father’s Day last year: we did nothing. So, it works out that I didn’t record or…

  • #200 American History in Russia w/ Sean Guillory

    Since establishing Sean’s Russia Blog in 2005, Sean Guillory has been one of the most prominent public-facing scholars in Russian and Soviet History. In this episode, Sean gives his insight on the gap between academic research and public perceptions, offers his take on why Cold War-era tropes continue to dominate US-Russia relations, and explains why…


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