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  • 64. WOMEN vs. MEN: Battle of the Sexes

    It’s battle of the sexes on this special episode of Which Is Better?!

  • Episode 062: Deeper Into Tengo w/ Jesse Jarnow

    In Episode 062 we’re joined by Jesse Jarnow (@bourgwick) to discuss one of our favorite bands of all time: Yo La Tengo. We’ve long wanted to dive deep into the history, live show experience, B-Sides, influences, and enduring legacy of Yo La Tengo, and were stoked to sit down with one of our favorite writers,…

  • Episode 35: Jack Johnson/ALO’s Zach Gill & Son Volt’s Jay Farrar

    Episode 35 of ‘The JamBase Podcast’ features a double dose of “Tour Stories” segments after “The Rundown.” Zach Gill tells tales of a wild “BBQ” at an ALO show, meeting the president and jamming with Eddie Vedder, while Son Volt’s Jay Farrar recalls a pair of weird incidents during his time on the road.

  • Megalife: The Autobiography of Nick Menza by J. Marshall Craig

    Deeper Digs returns after clearing out a week to release Episode 17 of sister show Rock N Roll Archaeology This week Christian sits down with J. Marshall Craig, author of Megalife: The Autobiography of Nick Menza. The uncensored story of one of rock’s greatest drummers who died doing what he loved best.With Nick Menza behind…

  • Episode 5: Jon Barber’s new podcast

    This week we’re giving you a sneak preview of a new Osiris podcast, “Touchdowns All Day with Jon Barber.” This podcast will launch this week, check for the news.

  • Rob & Eli of Dopapod

    It’s an interesting time for Dopapod after a year long hiatus. They are set to get back at it, publicly, and on stage April 27th at the Capitol Theatre. We’ve been following them quite closely and are a fan of their electronic-ish, progrock-ish, jamband sound, so we were excited to hear that the boys were…

  • #127 The History of Privacy in Modern America w/ Sarah Igo

    The data collection practices of companies such as facebook, google and amazon have led many Americans to wonder if privacy is dead. Though these companies are relatively new, this is far from the first time that Americans have felt their privacy to be under attack. In this episode, we speak with Vanderbilt University’s Sarah Igo…

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