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  • #184 The President’s Cabinet w/ Lindsay Chervinsky

    Presidential historian Lindsay Chervinsky joins us to talk about the origins of the President’s cabinet and how the decisions George Washington made have outlasted his time in office by more than 200 years. We also discuss the changing role of the executive and why delaying the transition between incoming and outgoing Presidential administrations can have…

  • Denise Kaufman

    On this episode of Plus One Eric talks with guitarist and songwriter ​Denise Kaufman​ of Ace of Cups,one the first all-female rock bands. Coming up in the late 60’s ​in the Haight-Ashbury scene, The Ace of Cups made a splash in clubs throughout the Bay Area, and opened at larger venues for legendary acts including…

  • Ep 57 – Heather McDougal

    BREAKING NEWS! Exclusive interview with THE Heather McDougal! Heather is a nurse in Maine that wrote into the Beacon Jams on Nov. 20th. Trey was so grateful for her work as an essential worker during this pandemic that he busted out a fresh new jam, The Heather McDougal Song…with a Reprise! Listen to this interview with…

  • Weekend Spins + Podcasts of the Week

    We run down the podcasts of the week from Osiris and then get you some new tunes to listen to this weekend. If you like what we do, please give us a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Your week in podcasts:Eddie Van Halen Tribute on Moods & Modes with Alex Skolnick. Dick’s…

  • Heads Talking – Sacramental Birthday

    Heads Talking is here this week to make you feel good about being you. The Conductor pops in to give you all an update on what NSR has in store for you, the guests we have coming your way, and a little insight into why Birthdays are cool. Like, the coolest. No Simple Road will…

  • Episode 20: Trackstar The DJ

    Mike & Oteil welcome Trackstar the DJ, best known as the tour DJ for hip hop duo Run the Jewels. Trackstar shares his incredible journey from his days as a college radio DJ at Washington University in St. Louis, to becoming well known for his mixtapes, to the serendipitous encounters that led to him DJing…

  • New Music + Interview with LadyCouch

    Today I’m bringing you an interview and a new track from the Nashville-based soul/rock band Lady Couch. This band was formed by Keshia Bailey and Allen Thompson, and their new single, Good God, is included in this episode as well.We talked about the genesis of their band, and of this track, when both Allen and…

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