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  • #220 Processing the Past w/ Jon Grinspan

    Jon Grinspan is a curator of political history at the Smithsonian Museum of American History and a frequent contributor to The New York Times. In this episode, Jon explains how his work with historical objects has informed his understanding of the past, the reasons he thinks that American politics in recent years is less of…

  • Books That ROCK + 2007 LPs + Malkmus hits the road & more!

    In this week’s episode of The Drop we chat Stephen Malkmus’s return to the road and celebrate 2020’s Traditional Techniques, share our praised for Christopher Hazard’s YouTube Page filled with Grateful Dead Remastered shows, and discuss our favorite recent TV shows & Books. In addition we share some of our favorite recent Osiris Pods, while…

  • Black Sabbath – Sabotage | The audio documentary

    Go here to watch the video version is the sixth studio album by metal pioneers Black Sabbath, released in 1975. It was recorded in the midst of litigation with their former manager Patrick Meehan. The stress that resulted from the band’s ongoing legal woes infiltrated the recording process, inspiring the album’s title.This documentary looks at…

  • Episode 37: Peak Live Music Experiences with Dr. Leah Taylor & Taraleigh Weathers

    In the finale of a three-part series, Taraleigh and Leah ask live music fans, musicians, and industry personnel to describe a recent peak live music experience. The pair then talk about how these can provide long-term therapeutic benefits using examples from Dr. Leah’s research as well as topics discussed in past episodes, particularly the holistic…

  • Episode 109: Greensky Bluegrass’ Paul Hoffman & Anders Beck

    Episode 109 of The JamBase Podcast features an interview with Greensky Bluegrass’ Paul Hoffman and Anders Beck.

  • HFPod On Tour (Live) – Mexico ’17 Historical Overview

    Welcome back to HFPod On Tour (Live)! We’re excited to hang out for another season talking through Phish’s career. In this week’s episode we’re talking through Phish’s Mexico 2017 run from January 13-15, 2017. In this episode we discuss the context of the run, breakdown the shows, and talk about how this run impacted the…

  • Rebroadcast of Episode 1: Ruby Amanfu

    A rebroadcast of the very first episode of Salute The Songbird, with Grammy-nominated songwriter Ruby Amanfu. Ruby joins Maggie on the first episode of Salute the Songbird to talk about her career, the wide spectrum of musical influences that thread through her work, writing through the difficulty of the pandemic and the issues that arose…

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