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  • Heads Talking – Just A Little Light

    Heads Talking is back from a little break this week feeling renewed, refreshed, and a bunch of other ‘re’ words. Aaron, Mel, & Apple are happily broadcasting once again from The Porch after being relegated inside for the winter and get into a discussion about how they are feeling about NSR, the direction of the…

  • Ivan Neville

    In episode 14, Eric talks to Ivan Neville, a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist known for his work with his band, Dumpstaphunk, The Neville Brothers and The Rolling Stones. Eric and Ivan talk about his musical journey, his musical family, and how he’s adjusting during this crazy time. At the end of the episode, you’ll hear…

  • #176 Musical Chairs w/ Joe Kwon

    Cellist Joe Kwon joins Bob & Ben to talk about his journey from aspiring classical musician to Bob’s bandmate in The Avett Brothers. Joe shares his experiences as a Korean immigrant growing up in North Carolina, why he decided to become a cellist, and where he learned to play the cello standing up. Joe and…

  • Dick’s Picks Vol. 10 – 12/29-30/77, San Francisco, CA

    Welcome to Season 2 of 36 From The Vault: SUMMER TOUR! In Episode 11 we explore Dick’s Picks Vol. 10, from The Winterland in San Francisco, CA on December 29 at 30, 1977. A celebratory volume that checks a lot of boxes fans had been asking for through the first ten volumes of the series.…

  • 067:Don Hart

    Tom is joined by a very special guest for the new Under the Scales season premier. Don Hart is a Nashville composer and arranger, and has been working with Trey since 2004 to add beautiful orchestration to so many of his songs. Don discusses working with Trey, and their technique, and illuminates the details behind…

  • Episode 83: Billy Martin’s Guilty

    In this latest episode of Across The Margin: The Podcast host Michael Shields converses with American composer, percussionist, visual artist, educator and record producer Billy Martin. Best known as a member of the musical trio Medeski Martin & Wood, Billy Martin recently released an album entitled Guilty, which displays a vast array of his dynamic…

  • The Daily Soundcheck Ep 76-06/15/2000 Big Cat, Chuo-ka, Osaka, Japan (“Heavy Things>Uncle Pen>The Happy Whip and Dung Song>Windora Bug”)

    So how do you follow up one of the most legendary Phish shows of all time? Well the next night you play only 14 songs TOTAL! Among those are all time versions of “Ghost” and “DWD” and a great “YEM”. Dave Calarco aka Mr. Miner is back with me to try and break it all…

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