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  • The Drop Daily—Beyond the Pond 100 + Billy Strings on No Simple Road + More

    A bunch of new podcast episodes for you today! Beyond the Pond Episode 100. Congrats to Brian and Dave for reaching a huge milestone, episode 100! Tom Marshall joins this special episode to celebrate 100 Episodes of Beyond The Pond, and take listener questions to dive into our musical past and musical takes. They said:…

  • Lealand Sklar

    Christian sits down with Immediate Family member, bassist Lealand Sklar! This is the first in a series of interviews that will highlight all the members of the band (Legends to a man), we will be releasing over the Summer.Lee Sklar has been a prominent figure among Hollywood session bassists dating back to the 1970s and…

  • 36 From The Vault – Summer Tour Trailer

    We wanted to get everything just exactly perfect….and now we’re ready for our SUMMER TOUR!Welcome back to Season 2 of 36 From The Vault. We’ll be covering Dick’s Picks 10-18 + a Curveball episode we can’t wait to announce! The years 1974 and 1977 come back into focus while we take our first dip into…

  • The Drop Daily—36 From the Vault Returns

    We’re psyched to announce today that 36 From the Vault will return for a second season on July 13. We’re going to include the trailer at the end of this episode. On Monday, July 13, Steven Hyden and Rob Mitchum will be back to bring you more—they’ll be covering Dick’s Picks 10-18, with a quick break…

  • #031 Robby Krieger (The Doors) interview from 1991.

    A never before published interview with Robby Krieger (The Doors) from 1991.In the interview, Krieger talks about:- Going all-instrumental without Jim Morrison-What he thought about Oliver Stone’s movie “The Doors”- Why keyboardist Ray Manzarek wanted nothing to do with the film- The truth about The Doors- What it was like making records after Morrison died-…

  • Episode 53: The Leftovers, Season Three

    In the third and final installment of a three-part series breaking down the meticulously crafted and thought-provoking HBO series The Leftovers, hosts Chris Thompson and Michael Shields seek to interpret one of the most penetrating television shows of all time. The Leftovers is the supernatural mystery drama created by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta, based…

  • Past, Present, Future, Live!

    Hey, After Midnight listeners! We wanted to tell you about a brand new podcast that we’ve been working on, called Past, Present, Future, Live! This is an interview with Maggie Rose, a singer-songwriter who has had a really interesting journey through the Nashville music scene and the jamband scene and beyond. And of course she ends…

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