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  • Theo Katzman

    On this episode of Plus One Eric welcomes Theo Katzman, drummer, guitarist, and vocalist for the funk band Vulfpeck, who’ve used masterful marketing and creative music videos to amass an enormous underground following. In 2019 Vulfpeck became the first band without a manager or record label to sell out Madison Square Garden, and in 2020 they’re continuing to push the boundaries…

  • 075:This Isn’t Happening

    Fall 2000 was a tumultuous time — politics were dividing the country, the internet was advancing faster than society could keep up, and the recording industry was undergoing major change. We take another look at this time through the lens of another band, Radiohead. Steven Hyden, author of a great book “This isn’t Happening” about Radiohead’s…

  • Ep. 56 – Elizabeth Beck & Beacon Trey Review

    Ep. 56- Elizabeth Beck & Beacon Trey ReviewDawneebee is back in the studio with Merry interviewing author Elizabeth Beck. She is the author of the book Summer Tour. We also discuss the first two nights of the Trey Anastasio Beacon Theater shows.Also, Fridays, from 8pm until the end of the show, all profits from paperback…

  • Heads Talking – Finding Magic In The Moment

    Heads Talking is back this week with Aaron, Mel & Apple talking about everything from UTI’s to being grateful for the little things. Think of this episode as a freeform jazz improv of conversation. We sit down, open the mics, and see where the muse leads us… where we seem to end up is almost…

  • Comes A Time + Jason Isbell + Contests!

    A lot of new stuff to share with you today. If you want to enter our poster contest, give us a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Also, if you want to enter our Halloween costume contest, check out the details, and my Hall & Oates tribute, here. George Wallace on Comes A…

  • Episode 16: George Wallace

    This week, Mike and Oteil talk with legendary comedian George Wallace, who has been doing comedy for over 40 years. From his early friendship with Jerry Seinfeld, to a long career in stand up in LA, George has been making audiences laugh for a long time. This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or…

  • Episode 63: 1980’s Horror Films, Part Two

    In this episode of Welcome To The Party Pal, hosts Michael Shields and Mitch Lucas conclude a two part exploration of, and an ode to, 1980’s horror films. In what was a truly game-changing decade, rife with unfathomable ingenuity and creativity, 1980’s horror films launched franchises, birthed tropes that define the genre to this day,…

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