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  • Biscuits & Jam: Willie Nelson Interview

    We wanted to share an episode of Biscuits & Jam, created by the publishers of Southern Living Magazine. It’s a podcast about home, family, tradition, and Southern culture as described by amazing artists. Today we’re sharing an interview with the legendary Willie Nelson. Please subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you find your…

  • Episode 104: The Genesis of Phish w/ Matt Dwyer (Pt II)

    In Episode 104 we’re joined by Matt Dwyer to discuss the history of Genesis & their lasting impact on the origins of Phish across two episodes. In Part II we deep dive Genesis, charting their entire career in four phases — Gabriel, 4 Then 3, Prog-Pop Transition, and Pop Band w/ Prog Sensibilities — and exploring the various influences…

  • Genesis and Phish with Beyond the Pond + News

    We’ve had a lot of new podcasts come out recently. Today I want to tell you about one of those, and tell you about a few other things happening in the music world. Genesis and Phish Connections on Beyond the Pond. This week Brian and Dave released part 1 of their exploration of the connections between…

  • Running Horses and Reinventing Country: Charley Crockett

    Charley Crockett describes his approach to making his own brand of music, dubbed “Gulf and Western”, talks about his native Texas and his time in New Orleans and California, and much more. Song excerpts from his seventh album Welcome To Hard Times are mixed in along with interviews with Charley and producer Mark Neill, and…

  • Episode 486: Bruce Hornsby’s ‘Non-Secure Connection’, Madeline Kenney’s ‘Suckers Lunch’, and new music from L.A. Witch

    Bruce Hornsby returns with Non-Secure Connection, his most out-there set of songs in years, and Madeline Kenney is reminding us how awkward love can be on her sugary new LP Sucker’s Lunch.PLUS! New music from garage rockers L.A. Witch from their upcoming LP Play With Fire!Love this show? Let us know by supporting us. Quick. Easy. Makes you…

  • Shep Gordon

    Christian gets the immense pleasure of a long interview with one of the greatest managers in all of rock n roll history, Shep Gordon, the Supermensch himself!. The very man who has helped guide Alice Cooper’s career for over fifty years. He also dives into the movies he made, along with his help in creating…

  • WHAT Gave Ashley Girres A Fierce Mind?

    Episode 4 of “We’re Here Alone Together” (W.H.A.T.) features Ashley Girres, an author and Mom very well known on Twitter as @aFierceMind. Just pause right now and get onto Twitter and go follow her. I’ll wait for you to take care of that.Good… you’re back. Thanks for doing that. Actually: you’re welcome for that. You’ll…

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