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  • Episode 72: Bahamas (Afie Jurvanen)

    Hear an interview with Bahamas (Afie Jurvanen) on Episode 72 of ‘The JamBase Podcast.’

  • 173 – Blazing A New Path With Keller Williams

    No Simple Road is proud to have the one and only Keller Williams as our guest this week! Keller is a dynamo of sounds and sonic amazingness and is often described as a one-man-jam-band! He joins the NSR crew for a conversation about handling our mental heath and how he keeps it together, the ever…

  • 2020 Yields A Bountiful Thanksgiving Cornucopia

    Episode 92 is my 3rd Thanksgiving episode. Last year’s episode was heavily inspired by the life of Mr. Rogers and featured an inspiring message and challenge based on the kindness represented by Mr. Rogers’ legacy. This year’s episode is painted more with the current landscape of our country and, really, our planet during the fall…

  • Larkin Poe

    “I think the choices that we’ve made in terms of genre have really been bent towards leveling a playing field. Because at a certain point you realize the number of female artists you can listen to in the rock sphere, especially the classic rock sphere, are so limited…So I know that had to be a driving…

  • Zachary Cale

    Greetings Dead Freaks!On this episode, I chat with the talented guitarist and songwriter, Zachary Cale. We discuss his most recent album, False Spring, selecting and playing covers, the pros and cons of live streaming, and, of course, Grateful Dead. After that and a selection from Zachary’s record, I’ve got a nice chunk of live Dead…

  • #184 The President’s Cabinet w/ Lindsay Chervinsky

    Presidential historian Lindsay Chervinsky joins us to talk about the origins of the President’s cabinet and how the decisions George Washington made have outlasted his time in office by more than 200 years. We also discuss the changing role of the executive and why delaying the transition between incoming and outgoing Presidential administrations can have…

  • Denise Kaufman

    On this episode of Plus One Eric talks with guitarist and songwriter ​Denise Kaufman​ of Ace of Cups,one the first all-female rock bands. Coming up in the late 60’s ​in the Haight-Ashbury scene, The Ace of Cups made a splash in clubs throughout the Bay Area, and opened at larger venues for legendary acts including…

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