Cluster Flies: a covers compilation reimagining Phish’s Farmhouse Album
Cluster Flies: a covers compilation reimagining Phish’s Farmhouse Album

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  • Cluster Flies: Club d’Elf – Sand

    The JamBase Podcast ‘Cluster Flies’ series features a deep dive into Phish’s “Sand” and an interview with Mike Rivard of Club d’Elf who covered the song for the project.

  • The Modern Folk

    Greetings Dead Freaks.We’ve got a great chat with Josh Moss of The Modern Folk. Josh’s music ranges from gentle folk to, well, out there and covers a lot of points in between. We talk about his recent and upcoming releases and spin a huge mix of Grateful Dead.I also take a few minutes to remember…

  • Episode 107: Row with Daniel Goldstein

    This episode of Across The Margin: The Podcast celebrates, through an interview with director and playwright Daniel Goldstein, the release of the inspiring new musical Row, adapted from the moving memoir A Pearl in the Storm by Tori Murden McClure. Goldstein has directed over 100 plays and musicals worldwide, including work at major theaters across…

  • Avery*Sunshine

    On this week’s episode of Eric Krasno Plus One Kraz talks with singer and pianist Avery*Sunshine, who has dazzled the ears of listeners all over the world with her soulful voice and beaming stage presence since launching her musical career in 1993. After many years as a live act and a choir director, Avery*Sunshine has spoiled…

  • 194 The Rise and Fall of the American Suburbs w/ Kyle Kiismandel

    In the years after World War II, Americans moved to the suburbs in search of the peace and safety that many came to equate with the “American Dream.” By the end of the 1970s, however, suburbanites had come sense that their privileged was under siege from satanic cults, drug dealers and kidnappers. In this episode,…

  • Episode 41: Dennis McNally

    On today’s episode, Oteil and Mike talk with Dennis McNally, Author, Historian and longtime publicist for the Grateful Dead. Dennis is also known as the biographer for Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. Dennis talks about bonding with Jerry over their love for Beat writers, shares stories about Jerry Garcia’s time in the army, and…

  • Tough Times Encapsulated in the Beauty of Her Song: Esther Rose

    Esther play two songs from her new album live, and talks about her being a country music misfit, about taking the tough times she has experienced and encapsulating them in the beauty of a song, her musical influences who are anything but household names, and much more.

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