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  • #015 Ace Frehley 1994

    A never before heard interview with Ace Frehley from 1994.In the interview Frehley talks about:• What “sucks” about rock’n’roll.• His side gig in computer graphics.• The possibility of a KISS reunion.• Playing while sober.• His influence on other guitars players.• And more… For information regarding your data privacy, visit

  • Episode 93: John Kadlecik

    This episode features Rob’s interview with guitarist and songwriter John Kadlecik, who comes roaring out the gate with some strikingly candid commentary on previous songwriter collaborations.

  • Episode 090: Top Sets of 2019 w/ Steven Hyden

    In Episode 090 we are joined once again by Music Writer & Phish Ambassador, Steven Hyden (@Steven_Hyden), to discuss our five favorite sets of 2019. We dive deep into the nuances of the last year for Phish as well as showcase the impact of their overall songwriting explosion of the last few years. Top Sets of…

  • Melvin Seals & JGB

    Greetings, Dead Freaks!I’m back with a chat with the great Melvin Seals, longtime member of the Jerry Garcia Band and leader of Melvin Seals & JGB ( We discuss his background, joining and touring with the Jerry Garcia Band, and JGB over the years. After the interview, I share some recent JGB tracks that are…

  • Coda: Dust Off Those Rusty Strings

    In the final episode of this series, Osiris co-founder and Phish lyricist Tom Marshall speaks with Freak Flag Flying host Steve Silberman about his path from diehard music fan to bestselling author, the influence of the Beat poets on both David Crosby’s generation of musicians and on Steve personally, and a whole lot more. As usual we’ll be…

  • Life in The Fast… Jay Lane

    Honored and excited this week to bring all of you Drummer Jay Lane as part of our series leading up to the incredible Skull & RosesFestival in April! Jay has such a huge list of bands he’s played with including Primus, Rat Dog, Furthur, Bob Weir & Wolf Bros., The Rooster Conspiracy, The Golden Gate…

  • Episode 75: Journeys To The Edge of Consciousness

    In this latest episode of Across The Margin: The Podcast, host Michael Shields sits down with producer and director Rob Harper to discuss his latest project Journeys to the Edge of Consciousness. This thought-provoking feature is a part-animated documentary film which whisks viewers into an animated trip into the depths of the human mind with…

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