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  • Rob & Eli of Dopapod

    It’s an interesting time for Dopapod after a year long hiatus. They are set to get back at it, publicly, and on stage April 27th at the Capitol Theatre. We’ve been following them quite closely and are a fan of their electronic-ish, progrock-ish, jamband sound, so we were excited to hear that the boys were…

  • #127 The History of Privacy in Modern America w/ Sarah Igo

    The data collection practices of companies such as facebook, google and amazon have led many Americans to wonder if privacy is dead. Though these companies are relatively new, this is far from the first time that Americans have felt their privacy to be under attack. In this episode, we speak with Vanderbilt University’s Sarah Igo…

  • Episode 94 – Taking The Trip To Skull & Roses Festival: Part 2

    Our journey to Skull & Roses Festival continues with some commentary on the festival grounds, an interview with Rafael Salazar from Delta 89, the beginning of a solid trip, hanging out with John Lovero from The Higgs, a heavy talk with Claire from Raven’s Reels Almanac, and interview with Dept. from @trippershollow, story time with…

  • #109 AC Beer Fest Session 2 With a Little Help From Our Friends

    As we sat down to get started, we received a few texts from guests saying they couldn’t make it on because they were too busy at their booths. So with zero game plan and zero scheduled guests, we cracked the mics and went for it. What happened next is basically a microcosm of how our…

  • Season 2 Episode 2: How High Can You Podcast

    We all know Evan digs Ween, but can the little man in the sailor suit handle Ween on Weed? We smoked some grass and got really really high and found out. Happy 4/20!

  • Percy Hill

    For those that don’t know, or remember, Percy Hill were a band out of New Hampshire who met in 1991 at University studying jazz. They would in fact become part of that neo-jamband 2.0 scene of the 90s, and continued to tour through the oughts. They sort of fell out of the scene for a…

  • 63.5 BONUS MINI-SODE: Bad Friday

    On this bonus episode comedians Brad Edwards, Sean Parrott, and Gary Fletcher talk broken keyboards, roast jokes and Easter Eggs!

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