Tedeschi Trucks Band Present Duo Set For ‘Fireside Sessions’ Part 3 & Announce Lineup Change

By Scott Bernstein Mar 5, 2021 7:41 am PST

Tedeschi Trucks Band premiered the third installment of the group’s “Fireside Sessions” livestream series last night. Bandleaders Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks played as a duo for the third of six pre-recorded specials recorded at the pair’s farm. In other TTB news, Trucks confirmed the departure of drummer J.J. Johnson in an interview with The Florida Times-Union.

Auditions were held and the TTB picked Johnson’s replacement, as they will continue to go with a second drummer in addition to Tyler “Falcon” Greenwell. “We found a guy,” Trucks told The Florida Times-Union. “He’s a young dude that plays every instrument. He’s a drumming fool and he and Falcon sound great together.”

“About a month ago, I thought the chances of a summer tour at all were getting nil. It’s starting to feel like a possibility,” Trucks added. “If that doesn’t happen, we’ll get out, just me and Sue or as a quartet. We can’t not play any longer. We’re going to get out one way or another. Hopefully, it won’t be long and we’ll be turning the corner soon.”

Derek showed off his versatility on last night’s “Fireside Sessions” livestreamed special, moving from electric guitar to resonator to acoustic guitar at various points of the set. Trucks also spoke to fans watching the broadcast, something he rarely does on stage.

Tedeschi and Trucks opened Thursday’s performance with “When Will I Begin,” a song featured on the most recent TTB album, 2019’s Signs. The pair continued on with a cover of The Rolling Stones’ “You Got The Silver.” Susan then noted it had been nine months since their last gig, which would put the recording date of the footage premiered on Thursday at December 2020. Derek thanked fans for helping to support the band and crew as proceeds from the series benefit the TTB team. Donate directly here.

Up next was a take on Paul Pena’s “Gonna Move,” which the six-piece TTB lineup played as part of last week's “Fireside Sessions.” Susan and Derek then dug into beloved original “Made Up Mind” before debuting a song Derek wrote with Oliver Wood, “I Can Feel You Smiling.” Tedeschi went on to belt out Son House’s “Walkin’ Blues,” Gregg Allman’s “All My Friends” and Made Up Mind rarity “Whiskey Legs.”

The duo played the Mike Mattison-penned “Strengthen What Remains” after Derek shared some history behind the song. It was then back to blues classics for Elmore James’ “Done Somebody Wrong.” Next, Trucks went unplugged on a tune he co-wrote with Warren Haynes, “Back Where I Started.” Susan sang the song as she did on the version featured on the Derek Trucks Band’s Already Free LP. The set concluded with TTB original gem “Anyhow.”

Watch the first two songs of the set below:

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Set: When Will I Begin, You Got The Silver, I’m Gonna Move, Made Up Mind, I Can Feel You Smiling, Walkin’ Blues, All My Friends, Whiskey Legs, Strengthen What Remains, Done Somebody Wrong, Back Where I Started, Anyhow

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