moe. Shares ‘Skitchin Buffalo’ Single & Live Performance Video


moe. unveiled “Skitchin Buffalo,” the latest single from their forthcoming This Is Not, We Are studio album. The release of the song comes as part of a one-track-at-a-time preview of moe.’s first studio album since 2014, which will be issued in its entirety on digital formats this Friday, June 26 via Fatboy Records.

“Skitchin Buffalo” was penned by moe. bassist Rob Derhak about the band’s 30-year history and their early days in Buffalo. moe. debuted “Skitchin Buffalo” live on May 26, 2019 at the Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, Illinois. The group went on to perform the song eight additional times, including its most recent play on March 7, 2020 at San Diego’s The Observatory North Park.


Two more tracks from This Is Not, We Are are coming in advance of its release, with one song due on Tuesday and another on Thursday. On Friday, fans can listen to the never-before-heard “Undertone” when the full album is released. moe. accompanied the studio version of “Skitchin Buffalo” with pro-shot video of the live take from San Diego, which premiered via Relix.

Derhak discussed the genesis of “Skitchin Buffalo” with Relix. Rob had a conversation with Mike Norris, the frontman of fellow Buffalo-birthed band Monkey Wrench, which jogged his memory about some of the stories referenced in the song’s lyrics and one in particular that inspired the title:

The first time I had ever heard of ‘skitching’ was when I was hanging out with him and it was icy and snowy in Buffalo on some winter night. We were on our way home and he grabbed onto the bumper of the back of a car that had stopped at a stop sign and then just got in a squatting position and the car took off. He hung on and it’s basically like water skiing off the back, except you’re holding onto the bumper. He called it ‘skitching’ and we called it ‘bumper sliding’ where I grew up, and he thought it was funny. He held on and kept getting dragged. His belt buckle was completely scratched up and it looked like he was completely shiny and we were laughing about that incident. And then later, I was like, ‘This is what the song can be, about the memories of Buffalo.’ Basically, I took a bunch of memories of fun stuff we did when we were in college and playing in the band and I put it into one incident. One thing after another.

Stream the studio version below:


Watch moe. perform “Skitchin Buffalo” live in San Diego:

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