Happy Birthday Shannon Hoon: Blind Melon Acoustic ‘2 Meter Sessions’ In 1993


Shannon Hoon was born 49 years ago today in Indiana. Sadly, the Blind Melon frontman died due to a cocaine overdose on October 21, 1995 at the young age of just 28. The vocalist behind the group’s hits “No Rain,” “Change” and “Tones Of Home” was beloved by his surviving band mates and an adoring and still loyal fan base. While it’s hard not to wonder what could have come from Hoon’s career had it not been cut tragically short, an acoustic performance from 1993 is an excellent example of his talent and charisma on display.

While touring Europe in the fall of 1993 in support of their wildly successful self-titled debut album, Blind Melon made a stop on November 10 at Bullet Sound Studios in Nederhorst den Berg, Netherlands. Hoon and his band mates drummer Glen Graham, bassist Brad Smith and guitarists Roger Stevens and Christopher Thorn were recorded performing an acoustic set for the long running 2 Meter Sessions series.

The short set features “No Rain” and the Blind Melon track “Paper Scratcher.” Shannon also leads a brief, unplanned take on “Me & Bobby McGee” and a half-hearted “I Want To Hold Your Hand” ahead of a cover of The Velvet Underground’s “Candy Says.” The session ends with a performance of “Detroit Song” / “The Big Leap” which would appear as “St. Andrew’s Fall” on the band’s sophomore album Soup.