Watch Courtney Barnett Perform ‘Rae Street’ For SiriusXM

See Courtney offer a solo acoustic rendition of the lead single from her recently released LP.

By Nate Todd Dec 22, 2021 10:05 am PST

SiriusXM shared video of Courtney Barnett performing “Rae Street.” The clip comes from the Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist’s appearance on SiriusXMU Sessions.

“Rae Street” came out on July 7 and heralded Barnett’s 2021 album, Things Take Time, Take Time, which arrived on November 12. SiriusXM previously shared Courtney playing the record’s “Before You Gotta Go” and now follow with “Rae Street” from the guitarist’s solo acoustic SiriusXMU Session.

Watch Courtney Barnett perform “Rae Street” for SiriusXM below:

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