Bellion Vodka’s ‘Couchtail’ Series: The Perfect Compliment To Couch Tour


What could be better than live music without long lines to get in? Live music without lines at the bar! JamBase is excited to announce Bellion Vodka as the sponsor of JamBase Livestreams Calendar. Join us as we introduce a new series, “Couchtails,” highlighting a custom Bellion cocktail each Wednesday, courtesy of mixologist Rob Altieri (@acasualbeverage on Instagram). The first Couchtail in the series will be “The Couch Really Tied the Room Together,” a White Russian recipe of which even The Dude would abide.

Bellion Vodka is created with breakthrough ingredients for a healthier spirit. The additive Bellion is distilled with, NTX, has been the subject of half a dozen academic studies and featured in three peer-reviewed journals. It’s possibly better for you and definitely not worse!

Thanks to new NXT Technology and real innovation, Bellion’s heavy-bodied vodka has enhanced mouthfeel, and won’t give you the inevitable hangover. Bellion works smarter with NXT by reducing harm to your liver and eases your hangover without affecting your enjoyment.

Bellion makes a great gift for yourself or someone you care about. And with online orders AND $1 shipping on all orders of two (2) bottles or more until the end of the year, it’s as easy as it gets! Visit and order yours now in time for the holidays – makes a great gift, too!

To make your own “The Couch Really Tied the Room Together,” you’ll need these ingredients:


Pour spirits over ice in a rocks glass and stir with your finger to combine. Enjoy with the bear claw on the side; it’s your chance to eat the bear before the bear eats you!

This Jeffrey Lebowski approved breakfast will provide you the energy to edit the entirety of the Port Huron Statement or just to check rocks during a league game. If you get into any trouble, just ask for Ron Kuby.

Find the real cocktail recipe on Instagram @acasualbeverage.