Bella Anastasio Talks Phish & More On Phemale-Centrics Podcast


Osiris podcast Phemale-Centrics unveiled the second part of an interview with Bella Anastasio, the daughter of Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio. While the first installment of the chat with Bella focused on her background and childhood, Anastasio discusses her fandom in part two.

One topic Bella hit upon with co-hosts Dawnbee, Kristie and Jason was her experience with the canceled Curveball festival. She was on the way to Watkins Glen when she received a call from her mom telling her the event was off. Bella’s mom asked her to spread the word so that fans who hadn’t left wouldn’t head to the site. Anastasio explained how she told her friends the disappointing news.

Another subject discussed was the number of concerts Bella gets to see. She told the co-hosts that many fans think she gets to see whole tours, but often life gets in the way and she’s unable to attend shows. For instance, Bella wasn’t able to see Phish’s instant classic performance on July 14 at Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wisconsin and hence has yet to watch the band play “Icculus.”

Bella also detailed the process of putting a book together she gave her dad as a Christmas present with photos and stories of Phish fans from the Facebook group Phish Chicks whom the band’s music impacted deeply. Anastasio revealed her sister, Eliza, was upset at her because Bella’s present upstaged her own. Other topics discussed were Bella’s experience at Bonnaroo, how she tries to avoid any spoilers, her openness to meeting other fans and her lack of pull when it comes to setlists.

Listen to the second part of Bella’s chat with Phemale-Centrics below: