Bella Anastasio Appears On Phemale-Centrics Podcast

By Scott Bernstein Aug 5, 2019 8:44 am PDT

Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio‘s daughter, Bella Anastasio, is featured on the latest episode of Osiris podcast Phemale-Centrics. The first of two installments focusing on Trey’s younger daughter includes discussion of her childhood, when she became a Phish fan, her love of art and more.

Hosts Dawneebee, Kristie and Jason start by talking about Bella’s recent move from Burlington to New York City. Anastasio goes on to talk about the path that led her to Burlington for school at the University Of Vermont. Bella recalls her first experiences realizing her dad was a rock star and the difference between attending concerts as a family outing and being present and enjoying Phish shows as a fan. “Once I was actually becoming a fan and really discovering the community, a whole other wave of figuring it out happened,” Anastasio said.

She explains Phish wasn’t played often in her house and notes “Heavy Things” was her favorite song as a child. Bella listened to a lot of Beatles and Joni Mitchell while growing up. Anastasio recalls weird experiences with Phish fans over the years, including a fan who had a huge tattoo of her dad on his back. Bella has a number of tattoos herself and talks about the origins of some of them.

Bella discusses touring the country with her dad, her relationship with the children of other Phish band members and how she dealt with her dad’s recovery from substance abuse. The next part of the interview deals with her fandom, which she dates back to attending Phish shows at The Gorge in 2016. Anastasio spent time talking about her career as a curator and an internship she is working at in advance of attending graduate school this fall. Additionally, Bella speaks on her passion for drawing and art. Anastasio loves horror movies and some of her work is inspired by the genre. The final topic covered is Bella’s past struggles with anxiety and depression. She shares advice for those going through similar issues.

Listen to Bella Anastasio’s appearance on Phemale-Centrics below:

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