Yes Singer Leads Foo Fighters On Rush Cover In Anaheim


Foo FightersSonic Highways World Tour rolled into the band’s home turf of Southern California over the weekend for a performance at the Honda Center in Anaheim on Saturday night. Drummer Taylor Hawkins brought old old friend Jon Davison, the current lead singer of Yes, for a cover of “Tom Sawyer” by Rush.

Hawkins explained that he’s known Davison since their grade school days and were in early bands together. The drummer mentioned the group had attempted to learn a Yes song but “we didn’t have enough time” to which Dave Grohl added “they’re too fucking hard,” so they instead decided to cover “Tom Sawyer.”

Watch Jon Davison lead Foo Fighters on “Tom Sawyer” via 2112rushfanatic:


Foo Fighters at Honda Center

  • All My Life
  • Times Like These
  • Learn to Fly
  • Something From Nothing
  • The Pretender
  • Big Me  
  • Congregation
  • Walk
  • MTV Theme Song
  • Cold Day in the Sun  
  • My Hero
  • White Limo
  • Arlandria
  • Outside
  • Breakout
  • Tom Sawyer  
  • This Is a Call
  • In the Flesh?  
  • Under Pressure  
  • Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love  
  • Best of You
  • Monkey Wrench
  • These Days
  • Skin and Bones
  • Everlong
  • Upcoming Shows

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