Widespread Panic Continues Black Sabbath Cover Trend In Minneapolis


Georgia rockers Widespread Panic have now played four shows on the October leg of their Fall Tour and have performed Black Sabbath covers at each and every one. However last night’s concert at The Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis had a twist as this time around the band debuted a Sabbath classic instead of performing one they had played in the past.

Widespread Panic came out of the gates with Vic Chesnutt’s “Let’s Get Down To Business” as the first song of a career-spanning show in Minneapolis. The six-piece continues to show off the diversity of its repertoire over the course of the still repeatless run. Tuesday’s first set was of the old school variety as “Old Neighborhood” was the newest song played and it was debuted 15 years ago. WSP filled the nine-song opening stanza with such classics as “Heroes,” “I’m Not Alone,” “Stop Breakin’ Down Blues” and “Conrad.”

Panic ended the old school trend with the first song of the second set, “Steven’s Cat” off their most recent LP Street Dogs. “Wondering” came next ahead of a “Time Zones” > “Solid Rock” pairing. From there, the band would start up “Machine” and wouldn’t stop playing until the end of the set. It was right back to early favorites as “Little Kin” led into “Travelin’ Light” which in turn gave way to “Barstools & Dreamers.” The second set ended with a welcome “Red Hot Mama” sandwich on “Fishwater” bread. WSP had another sandwich in store for the encore as they fit their first-ever take on Black Sabbath’s “Electric Funeral” within their own “Chilly Water.”

The tour continues tonight at Stephens Auditorium in Ames, Iowa.

Listen to the Widespread Panic debut of “Electric Funeral” captured by taper Bennett Schwartz:

Setlist (via Everyday Companion)

Set One: Let’s Get Down To Business, Hope In A Hopeless World, Heroes, Old Neighborhood, Makes Sense To Me, I’m Not Alone, Party At Your Mama’s House > Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Conrad

Set Two: Steven’s Cat, Wondering, Time Zones > Solid Rock, Machine > Little Kin > Travelin’ Light > Barstools and Dreamers > Fishwater > Red Hot Mama > Fishwater

Encore: Chilly Water > Electric Funeral > Chilly Water

[Only ‘Electric Funeral’]