Warren Haynes Performs Acoustic ‘Spots Of Time’ At Guitar Center


Warren Haynes recently appeared at Guitar Center Hollywood to record a solo acoustic performance of “Spots Of Time.” In addition to performing the song he co-wrote with Phil Lesh, Haynes discusses the genesis of the song and how it came to appear on his 2015 album, Ashes & Dust.

Haynes tells the story of being in the studio in New York City with Lesh and how the Grateful Dead bassist asked him to add a melody and lyrics to some music he’d written. Though barely developed, Lesh said it was titled “Spots of Time” after a line in the William Wordsworth poem The Prelude. Haynes looked up the poem and was inspired to finish the song’s composition. Performed live with Phil & Friends and for several years with The Allman Brothers Band, the guitarist also speculates “Spots of Time” would have made the never-recorded final ABB album.

Watch Warren’s chat and performance from Guitar Center’s Vintage Room below: