Twiddle Welcomes Robert Randolph & Taz For Brooklyn Steel Debut: Pro-Shot Video


On Saturday, Twiddle made their debut at New York City’s Brooklyn Steel. For the show, the Vermont-based four-piece offered three distinct sets, primarily organized by eras of music; set one heavily featured songs drawn from their newer catalog, the second set offered long-standing favorites, and the final frame offered a mixture of both. During the performance, the band was also joined by two special guests, Robert Randolph and Brandon “Taz” Niederauer.

Set one opened with a “Dinner Fork” sandwich, using the tune from Plump to house “Nicodemus Portulay” and the lone older song of the frame, “The Box.” After a non-stop sequence through the three tunes, the group deftly returned to “Dinner Fork” before landing in the recently debuted “River Drift.” To close out the first set, the band welcomed young guitar prodigy and regular collaborator, Brandon “Taz” Niederauer for a soulful rendition of “Lost In The Cold.” Notably, Taz previously performed the song with the group back in 2016 during a show at Irving Plaza with the Frendly Horns.

For the second set, Twiddle tended to return to classic songs, including fan-favorites such as the jubilant opening number, “Jamflowman.” After a “Frankenfoote” sandwich housing a celebratory take on “Apples,” the band once again welcomed Taz to the stage. This time, the teenage guitarist sat in for a handful of songs, including a rendition of “Syncopated Healing” and the characteristic one-two hit of “Hattie’s Jam” into “When It Rains It Pours.”

Robert Randolph served as the special guest throughout the third and final frame, coming out with the band during the opening “Latin Tang” and staying on throughout the encore. During his extensive cameo, he performed on older fan-favorite “Mamunes the Faun,” Plump tracks “Drifter” and “Every Soul” as well as a thoughtful set-closing rendition of “Who Do You Love?” For the encore, the band and Randolph offered a take on Plump‘s “Milk” before a cover of Bob Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower.”

Watch the entirety of their third set with Robert Randolph below, with pro-shot video courtesy of the band:


Set One: Dinner Fork > Nicodemus Portulay > The Box > Dinner Fork, River Drift, Lost in the Cold*

Set Two: Jamflowman > Frankenfoote > Apples > Frankenfoote, Syncopated Healing*, Hatti’s Jam* > When It Rains It Poors*

Set Three: Latin Tang^, Mamunes the Faun^, Drifter^, Every Soul^, Who Do You Love?^

Encore: Milk^, All Along The Watchtower^ (Bob Dylan cover)

  • * = w/ Brandon “Taz” Niederauer
  • ^ = w/ Robert Randolph

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