Greg Ormont Joins Twiddle In Washington DC: Pro-Shot Full Show Video


Twiddle brought out Pigeons Playing Ping Pong guitarist Greg Ormont to sit-in during their show at 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. The collaboration took place last Saturday night following Ormont’s Scrambled Greg solo opening set.

Ormont added guitar and vocals to the penultimate song of Twiddle’s first set, a rarely played cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Boogie On Reggae Woman.” Leaving his guitar behind, Ormont also joined Twiddle on the second to last song of the second set, another rarely performed cover, this time in the form of The Proclaimers’ “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).”

Twiddle, who at midnight celebrated their 15th anniversary, began the show with “Gatsby The Great” and continued without stopping through “Every Soul,” “Apples” and “Brown Chicken Brown Cow.” Ormont’s guest spot came ahead of the set-closing, bust out cover of Richie Valens’ “La Bamba.” The second set kicked off with “Hattie’s Jam” transitioning into “Slippin in the Kitchen” which then segued into “Syncopated Healing.” Twiddle dropped a “Nicodemus Portulay” inside the subsequent “Jamflowman,” which they followed with “When It Rains It Pours.” The second set ended with “Lost In The Cold.” Twiddle returned to the 9:30 Club stage to encore with “Juggernaut.”

Pro-shot video of the entire concert, including Scrambled Greg’s opening set, can be viewed below via


Twiddle Setlist (via PT Twiddle)

Set One: Gatsby The Great > Every Soul > Apples > Brown Chicken Brown Cow, Boogie On Reggae Woman [1], La Bamba

Set Two: Hattie’s Jam > Slippin in the Kitchen > Syncopated Healing, Jamflowman > Nicodemus Portulay > Jamflowman, When It Rains It Pours, I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) [1], Lost In The Cold

Encore: Juggernaut

[1] with Scrambled Greg