Trey Anastasio Band Busts Out Originals & Covers, Debuts ‘Evening Song’ In New Orleans


The Trey Anastasio Band dug deep into their repertoire on Friday for the first of two tour-closing shows at The Civic Theatre in New Orleans. Not only did the band dust off covers and originals they had yet to play this run, but they also offered the TAB debut of “Evening Song,” an original first performed by Phish to start their recent New Year’s Run at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Last night’s concert began innocently enough with “Camel Walk” and “Blaze On” and then TAB busted out a cover of The Band’s “It Makes No Difference” for the first time since September 16, 2017. Next up was “Mozambique” followed by the first full Trey Anastasio Band version of “Back On The Train” and a take on Neil Young’s “Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown,” a cover which last saw action on October 23, 2008. As noted by Scott Marks, the return of “Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown” marked the second show in a row where TAB played a song that had been shelved since 2008 as “Ruby Waves” returned on Wednesday.

Another tour debut was ahead in the form “The Way I Feel.” Then, TAB staples “Curlew’s Call” and “Money Love & Change” led into the instrumental “Olivia.” It was back to the rarities next as “Words To Wanda” was played for the first time since December 2, 2014 before the pairing of “Magilla” and “Everything’s Right” concluded the eventful set. The second set was a more typical affair song-wise as “Sigma Oasis” led into “Gotta Jibboo” ahead of a run of “Simple Twist Up Dave,” “Shine,” “Dark & Down,” “Over The Rainbow” and “Drifting.” Finally, TAB capped the frame with “Set Your Soul Free” and “Sand.” The band’s first ever “Evening Song” opened an encore that also included “Valentine” and “Ghost.” The band ends the tour on Saturday night in NOLA. A live stream is available via


Pro-Shot Videos

Camel Walk

Sigma Oasis


Setlist (via

Set One: Camel Walk, Blaze On, It Makes No Difference, Mozambique, Back on the Train, Come on Baby Let’s Go Downtown, The Way I Feel, Curlew’s Call, Money, Love and Change, Olivia, Words to Wanda, Magilla, Everything’s Right

Set Two: Sigma Oasis > Gotta Jibboo, 46 Days, Simple Twist Up Dave, Shine, Dark and Down, Somewhere Over the Rainbow [1], Drifting, Set Your Soul Free, Sand

Encore: Evening Song [2], Valentine, Ghost

  • [1] Performed a cappella.
  • [2] TAB debut.