The Disco Biscuits Bust Out ‘Sister Judy’s Soul Shack’ In New Haven

By Nate Todd Jun 5, 2021 8:28 am PDT

The Disco Biscuits got their two-night run at the Westville Music Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut underway on Friday. The livetronica quartet dusted off “Sister Judy’s Soul Shack” to kick off the second set.

The Disco Biscuits — guitarist Jon Gutwillig, bassist Marc Brownstein, keyboardist Aron Magner and drummer Allen Aucoin — began the first set with Men Without Hats’s “The Safety Dance.” Magner delivered the song’s instantly recognizable opening line on the synth before Barber led the band through the verses. The quartet then dropped into a synth laced groove which gave way to the vintage “Mr. Don.” From there tDB headed into “Rocket Science” before returning to “Mr. Don.” Another classic in “Aceetobee” followed which commenced a set-closing segment that also included the Donna Summer disco anthem “I Feel Love” and wrapped up with “Confrontation.”

The second set launched with “Sister Judy’s Soul Shack.” Bisco last played the tune on December 28, 2017 for a gap of 105 shows, as per Phantasy Tour. Brownie stepped to the mic for the song before Magner hopped on a tasty synth section ahead of Marc singing the final verse. Gutwillig then reeled off some breezy licks before Aucoin dropped the band into a darker, four on the floor groove which led into a nice transition led by Barber rocking out on the riff to “Helicopters.” Magner served up some robot noises on the jam which escalated into a toggle between “Munchkin Invasion” and “Helicopters.” After the “Munchkin”/”Helicopters” excursion the band got into an Eden “Tractobeam Jam” before bookending the second set with “Sister Judy’s Soul Shack.” “Naeba,” played just over 20 times time since debuting in 2009, would serve as the encore.

Watch pro-shot video of the first and second set openers below:

Set One Opener

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Set Two Opener

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The Disco Biscuits (See 286 videos)

Setlist (via Phantasy Tour)

Set One: Safety Dance > Mr. Don > Rocket Science > Mr. Don, Aceetobee > I Feel Love > Aceetobee > Confrontation

Set Two: Sister Judy’s Soul[1] Shack > Helicopters > Munchkin Invasion > Helicopters > Munchkin Invasion > Tractorbeam Jam[2] > Sister Judy’s Soul Shack

Encore: Naeba


[1] last played 12/28/17 (105 shows)

[2] Eden

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