Stormy Mondays | The Slip At The Evolve Festival

By Scott Bernstein Aug 11, 2014 10:45 am PDT

For the last ten months or so, there has been a proliferation of The Slip recordings that have been newly circulating. Soundboard, on stage mics and stage lip recordings from all over the map have flooded eTree even as the Barr brothers prepare to release a second album with their current band (The Barr Brothers) and Marc Friedman tackles any number of projects, including his recent performance with Ryan Montbleau at the Gathering of the Vibes, which was a highlight of the weekend. The Slip is dearly missed, a nubile band that was able to shift and evolve from jazzy roots to stylish indie rockers while always keeping instrumental virtuosity and engaging song writing at the forefront.

This week, we’re going to turn our attention to a full set from ten years ago at the Evolve Festival in Nova Scotia. It’s actually a recording that has been widely shared almost since the gig, but it’s special because it captures a time when the trio was in transition. Songs that would shortly become staples were still taking shape, and many old favorites were starting to slip from rotation. I saw the band a lot during this period and especially love the openness of the playing, the growing rowdiness and bent circuit toys (Marco Benevento and Brad Barr were cultivating those effects at the same time, and The Duo and The Slip shared plenty of bills together), as well as the drama and pathos of Brad’s lyrics. This show has all of that and more, from the crazy, extended “Poor Boy” to the beautiful “Nellie Jean” > a loose take on “If One of Us Should Fall” to the monster “Fuji” > “Proud” that closes the set.

The Slip is one of the true gems of jamnation. If you’re already in the know, you’ll love this show; if you’re not, come find out what you’ve been missing. And as always, enjoy.


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