Saturday Stream | Phish Soundchecks

Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio recently told Rolling Stone magazine that he emailed fellow band mates Page McConnell, Mike Gordon and Jon Fishman suggesting the quartet release some of the soundchecks they’ve recorded over the years. We’d love to see Phish do just that and share more of their pre-show warm-up sessions, which are the focus of this week’s Spotify Playlist –Phish Soundchecks.

[Photo by Peter Yang]

Here’s what Trey told Rolling Stone:

[T]here’s been a lot of those moments in soundchecks – so many that I sent an e-mail around recently to the three other guys saying we should put [them] out, you know like, “Let people hear some of these soundchecks.” Because a lot of times we get to soundcheck, we just get onstage and we start jamming. Nobody’s there, nobody’s watching, everybody just woke up and kind of came stumbling off the bus. It’s kind of a half-dream state.

In fact, throughout the years Phish has actually shared with their fans several recordings from their soundchecks. Typically tacked on as fillers to live albums and downloads, the band already has issued enough material from their soundchecks to make up several albums worth of releases.

Below you’ll find 38 tracks culled from Phish’s officially released soundchecks dating back to a brief clip from their August 13, 1993 show in Indianapolis. Unsurprisingly, soundcheck and former FOH soundman Paul Languedoc’s favorite “Dog Log” makes four appearances in the over five hour-long playlist. It’s presented chronologically, from their oldest rehearsal to their most recent officially released soundcheck.

Continuing in the spirit of these tracks often being added as “bonus” content, below stream the May 2011 pre-tour rehearsal of “Waves” which aired as part of one of archivist Kevin Shapiro’s “From the Archives” broadcasts: