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Kitchen Sink Edition

Fly Golden Eagle: Quartz

Ben Trimble was raised in Detroit and musically “came of age” in Nashville and his band, Fly Golden Eagle, is the perfect blend of Detroit Rock City, Motown and Music City, USA. Which is to say, they totally kick ass. Their new album, Quartz (or the shortened version, Quartz Bijou, but really, you’re going to want to take on every single track of the full double album), finds Trimble & Co. making rock, soul, groove and blues with some garage-psych and art-rock thrown in for good measure. While the genre and style of each song seems to whip around like a roller-coaster, Fly Golden Eagle never wavers in delivering the goods: it’s groovy when it needs to groovy, it rocks hard when it needs to rock and every once in a while it gets out there when it needs to get out there. Fans of My Morning Jacket should enjoy Fly Golden Eagle…heck everyone should. This is one of my favorite discoveries of 2014. Get in while the gettin’s good.

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Spotify: Fly Golden Eagle – Quartz (Extended Edition)


Israel Nash: Israel Nash’s Rain Plans

Israel Nash is another great discovery. Nothing like finding out a guy like Nash had been right under my nose here in NYC, but apparently that’s where he’s been playing music until a few years ago when he relocated to Dripping Springs, Texas and recorded Rain Plans. Better late than never, I suppose. Whether he likes it or not, I suppose Nash invites strong comparisons to Neil Young and there are damn worse people to be associated with. Although a few tracks sound like they could be lost Neil B-sides, it’s mostly an association of evocation, like Nash arrived at a similar place to Young by a different path. The music is A+ roots rock: acoustic guitars meet electric (with a welcome dash of pedal steel); well-written songs that have the space to develop in their own time, often reaching an emotional climax.

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Spotify: Israel Nash – Israel Nash’s Rain Plans


Jouis: Dojo

If Israel Nash is evocative of Neil Young, fill in the blanks with UK jammers Jouis who have vocal harmonies uncannily similar to Crosby, Stills & Nash…in a good way. These wonderful vocals are just the starting point, though, as the music on their album Dojo is of the dreamy, exploratory prog/jazz/psych variety. The mix is pulled off brilliantly: CSN meets Genesis meets modern day jamband, but all very original and easy to love. I still haven’t had the chance to fully dig deep on this one, but been digging it so much, I had to share. Hope you enjoy.

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Spotify: Jouis – Dojo

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Prince Rupert’s Drops: Climbing Light

The debut album from Brooklyn’s Prince Rupert’s Drops, Run Slow, was a killer psych-rock LP with hints of greatness to come and was featured in a RecommNed column when it first appeared. I very much, foolishly, expected their follow-up Climbing Light to be much of the same sound. Well, those hints have turned into full-fledged greatness and their sound has grown by leaps and bounds from the psych-rock pigeonhole. This new batch of songs is rife with all sorts of interesting ideas and playing and points to great things for the band. It’s heavy at times, but intelligent and exploratory all the same and the songwriting is top notch. Yes, it’s still the same band from Run Slow, but it’s also quite different. Climbing Light is a snapshot of a group that knows what it does well and is doing it really well. Lots to love here and cheers to growth!

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Spotify: Prince Rupert’s Drops – Climbing Light


Written By: Aaron Stein