Real Estate Shares Television Cover ‘Days’

Hear the quintet's take on a song that helped pave the way for their 2011 'Days' album.

By Scott Bernstein Oct 19, 2021 1:36 pm PDT

Real Estate unveiled a cover of Television’s “Days.” The new track shares the same name as and was an influence on the band’s 2011 studio album.

The Television cover comes in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Days, Real Estate’s sophomore LP. The quintet will perform Days in its entirety at four special shows later this year.

“Days” was written by Television’s Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd for inclusion on the legendary group’s 1978 album, Adventure. Real Estate bassist Alex Bleeker discussed the Television track that deeply inspired his band in a statement:

“The shrewd, completist bootlegger will always remember 6/30/2011 as the day that we debuted the album Days live in its entirety at 285 Kent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Back then Domino Park, across the street, was still a dilapidated sugar warehouse, and our unreleased sophomore album didn’t yet have a name. Real heads (or as we like to call them, ‘agents’) might also recall that this show was a release party for the new 33 1/3 book recounting the history of Television’s Marquee Moon. Somewhere in the introduction to that volume author Bryan Waterman declared that even though the song ‘Days’ was on Television’s often overlooked second record, it provided a blueprint for all of the melodic guitar-based indie rock that would soon follow in its wake.

“We were of course huge fans of that tune, this was in fact our second record, and we saw ourselves humbly as the torchbearers of that tradition. So the story goes like this – we were on tour, sitting in our fire engine red Dodge Ram 2500 somewhere along the I-95 when someone in the band read that sentence aloud, and said, ‘why don’t we call the album Days?’ As I recall, nobody loved it, but more importantly, nobody hated it and it stuck. It’s true, this now decade-old album is named after this fantastic, underappreciated Television tune, which was a joy for us to cover and record for you after all these years.”

Stream Real Estate’s “Days” cover below:

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