Pro-Shot Video: The Disco Biscuits Play ‘Super Mario Bros. Theme’ On New Year’s In New York City


As reported, The Disco Biscuits held a New Year’s Eve concert at the PlayStation Theater in New York City. The show featured a video games theme and the band has shared official video footage of one of the songs performed in Time Square that fit into the night’s motif.

Bisco adorned the stage with Pac-Man and other video game props and dotted the show with theme-appropriate sounds. They incorporated Pac-Man samples and played the themes to such 8-bit classics as Tetris, DuckTales and Super Mario Bros..

Here’s pro-shot video footage of the second set opening debut performance by tDB of the “Super Mario Bros. Overworld Theme”:

Setlist (via PT Bisco)

Set One: Caves of the East [1] > Basis For A Day > The Moon [2], Helicopters > Helicopters Jam > And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night [3] > 42 [4]

Set Two: Super Mario Bros. Overworld Theme [5] > Aceetobee > Basis For A Day > Korobeiniki [5] >Aquatic Ape [3] > Aceetobee

Set Three: Little Lai > Super Mario Bros. Underworld Theme [5] > Little Lai > Super Mario Bros. Underworld Theme > Little Lai, Mindless Dribble [6] > 7-11 [7] > Basis For A Day, Strobelights and Martinis > Helicopters

Encore: Frog Legs


  • [1] with Pac-Man samples
  • [2] last played 9/5/2010 (231 shows)
  • [3] inverted version
  • [4] ending only; completes 12/29/17 version
  • [5] first time played (video game themes)
  • [6] beginning only; dyslexic completion of 12/28/17 version
  • [7] middle only; continues 12/28/17 version

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