The Disco Biscuits Play Video Game NYE In NYC & Announce 2018 Bisco Inferno


The Disco Biscuits held a New Year’s Eve concert Sunday night that saw the band incorporate several classic video games themes into the three set performance at The PlayStation Theater in New York City. The group also shared news today detailing the 2018 edition of Bisco Inferno in Colorado in May.

The rarity “Caves of the East” got the first set going and the video game theme soon began to emerge as samples of sounds from Pac-Man filled the PlayStation Theater. Next up was the start of “Basis For A Day” that segued into the band third rendition (and first since 2010) of “The Moon” which is a theme from one of the levels of NES DuckTales. After a countdown to the New Year, the band transitioned into the regular NYE favorite “Helicopters” and its subsequent jam as the calendar turned from 2017 to 2018. An inverted “And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night” and the completion of “42” begun on Friday closed out set one.

The Bisco debut of the Super Mario Bros. “Overworld Theme” kept the evening’s theme going to start the second set. A transition to “Aceetobee” came ahead of a move back to “Basis For A Day” and the band’s first performance of the Tetris theme “Korobeiniki.” The non-stop action proceed with “Aquatic Ape” and a return to close out “Aceetobee” and the second the set.

The final set saw the back and forth sequencing of “Little Lai” with the Super Mario Bros. “Underworld Theme.” The beginning of “Mindless Dribble” completed a dyslexic presentation of the song started on Friday night and was followed by middle of “7-11” which also sealed the tune begun at the opening show of the run. One more return to “Basis For A Day” was still in store, coming ahead of “Strobelights and Martinis” and a set closing bounce back to the celebratory “Helicopters.” The show in Times Square ended with Bisco dropping “Frog Legs” into the encore slot.

As mentioned above, the Disco Biscuits will host Bisco Inferno 2018 at Red Rocks on May 27. Spafford and Organ Freeman are also on the bill. The Disco Biscuits will also appear at Denver’s Ogden Theatre leading up to the Red Rocks concert with shows on May 24, 25 and 26. Tickets to Bisco Inferno at Red Rocks go on sale this Friday, January 5 at 10 a.m. MT. A four-night pass lottery is currently underway now through January 3 at 5 p.m. MT via Seated.

Watch pro-shot video of the Disco Biscuits New Year’s Eve show below:

Setlist (via PT Bisco)

Set One: Caves of the East [1] > Basis For A Day > The Moon [2], Helicopters > Helicopters Jam > And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night [3] > 42 [4]

Set Two: Super Mario Bros. Overworld Theme [5] > Aceetobee > Basis For A Day > Korobeiniki [5] >Aquatic Ape [3] > Aceetobee

Set Three: Little Lai > Super Mario Bros. Underworld Theme [5] > Little Lai > Super Mario Bros. Underworld Theme > Little Lai, Mindless Dribble [6] > 7-11 [7] > Basis For A Day, Strobelights and Martinis > Helicopters

Encore: Frog Legs


  • [1] with Pac-Man samples
  • [2] last played 9/5/2010 (231 shows)
  • [3] inverted version
  • [4] ending only; completes 12/29/17 version
  • [5] first time played (video game themes)
  • [6] beginning only; dyslexic completion of 12/28/17 version
  • [7] middle only; continues 12/28/17 version

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