Pro-Shot Full Show Video: Brooklyn Bowl Hosts Songs Of Barlow Benefit Concert


As reported, Brooklyn Bowl in New York City last week hosted an all-star benefit concert for Grateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow, who has spent the last two years in “medical incarceration” while dealing with several health issues. Proceeds from the concert went to the John Perry Barlow Wellness Trust and the entire concert has been made available to view via Relix.

The house band for The Songs Of Barlow was made up of Grahame Lesh, Ross James, Alex Koford and Scott Padden. The two set show saw such highlights as Eric Krasno, Leslie Mendelson and Jon Graboff joining the house band on “Cassidy,” Graboff and Katie Jacoby leading “Black Throated Wind” and Amy Helm, Karina Rykman and Jacoby coming together for “The Music Never Stopped.”

At setbreak Brooklyn Bowl’s Peter Shapiro spoke about John Perry Barlow and introduced the lyricist’s daughter Amelia Barlow who spoke about her father. Prior to the start of the second set a video showing Barlow discussing his health was shown. Set two kicked off with “Feel Like A Stranger” bolstered by Krasno and Jackie Greene. The stage was packed for renditions of Barlow penned tunes such as “I Need A Miracle” and “Looks Like Rain” before Greene sang lead on “Estimated Prophet” and “Hell In A Bucket.” Jacoby paired with Greene on the set closing rendition of “Let It Grow”and the guests piled on stage for the “Throwing Stones” encore.

Fellow The Songs Of Barlow host Relix shared footage of full show. Watch the official videos below and head here for a soundboard audio recording of the event:

[Mexicali Blues]


[Blow Away]

[Black Throated Wind]

[Just A Little Light]

[The Music Never Stopped]

[Feel Like A Stranger]

[I Need A Miracle]

[Looks Like Rain]

[Estimated Prophet]

[Hell In A Bucket]

[Let It Grow]

[Throwing Stones]

[Pete Shapiro]

[John Barlow]


Set One: Mexicali Blues*, Cassidy*@#, Blow Away*, Black Throated Wind*$, Just A Little Light*$%, The Music Never Stopped$%^

Set Two: Peter Shapiro speaks, Amelia Barlow speaks, John Barlow speaks (via satellite), Feel Like A Stranger@^&, I Need A Miracle@$^&+, Looks Like Rain@#$&, Estimated Prophet~, Hell In A Bucket~, Let It Grow$~

Encore: Throwing Stones&@#$

  • * w/ Jon Graboff – Pedal Steel Guitar
  • @ w/ Eric Krasno – Guitar
  • # w/ Leslie Mendelson – Vocals
  • $ w/ Katie Jacoby – Fiddle
  • % w/ Amy Helm – Vox
  • ^ w/ Karina Rykman – Bass (w/o Scott Padden, except as noted)
  • & w/ Jackie Greene – Organ
  • + w/ Scott Padden – Guitar / Vox
  • ~ w/ Jackie Greene – Guitar / Vox