Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Play ‘Under Cover’ Set & Team With All-Stars At Domefest: Party In The Pods

By Scott Bernstein May 25, 2021 1:39 pm PDT

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong hosted and headlined Domefest: Party In The Ponds at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio on Friday and Saturday. The quartet played a total of five sets, including an “Under Cover” performance consisting solely of covers and also teamed with members of Aqueous, LITZ, Mungion and Broccoli Samurai as the “The Domefest All-Stars.”

The group presented a pair of career-spanning frames on Friday before focusing on material from other acts for the “Under Cover” set. PPPP opened with “In The Bubble,” an original debuted in 2020 and then played the classic “Whoopie.” The four-piece went on to fit “Penguins” within “Time To Ride” and later in the first set unveiled new original “Day In Time” ahead of the “King Kong” that closed the frame.

Pigeons began Friday’s second set with “Fox & Toad” and then brought out Broccoli Samurai keyboardist Ryan Hodson for “Offshoot.” Next, “Overtired” gave way to “Ocean Flows” before a run of “Sunny Day” into “Take A Picture” into “Sunny Day.” The band’s eighth ever “Feelin’ Fine” was followed by oldie “Horizon” to end the set.

The “Under Cover” set was a seamless affair bookended by the “Mission Impossible”/”Battle Without Honor Or Humanity” mashup “Mission KillPossiBill.” More mashups came later including “Eye Of The Moonwalk” (“Eye Of The Tiger”/”Moonwalk”), “All Along The Evil Woman” (“All Along The Watchtower”/”Evil Woman”), “Funky House” (“Funky Town”/”Brick House”/”Play That Funky Music”) and “Big In The Changes” (“Changes”/”Big Poppa”/”In The End”). Pigeons also covered songs by Red Hot Chili Peppers (“Around The World”), Led Zeppelin (“Kashmir”), Enrique Iglesias (“Bailamos”), Isaac Hayes (“Theme From Shaft”), Big Something (“Vibrations”), The Who (“Pinball Wizard”), Fatboy Slim (“Praise You”) and Dopapod (“Picture In Picture”). “Bailamos” was a debut while “Vibrations” and “Praise You” hadn’t been played since 2016 and “Big In The Changes” last saw action in 2018.

“Porcupine” and PPPP’s first “Totally” in 20 shows got the action underway for the band on Saturday. The quartet then worked “The Liquid” into “Live Life” and back again ahead of welcoming Mungion’s Joe Re on keys for “Lightning.” From there, Pigeons played “Move Like That” and followed an unfinished “Skipjack” with the debut of original “Donkey Hotel.” The quartet ended the frame with a version of fan favorite “Poseidon” featuring the Pixies’ classic “Where Is My Mind?” within.

Pigeons’ last set began with the pairing of “Fall In Place,” “Something For Ya” and “Pop Off.” Next, the four-piece played the “Couldn’t We All” > “Bye Bye Bye” (NSYNC) > “Blinding Lights” (The Weeknd) > “Couldn’t We All” medley debuted at Brooklyn Bowl on February 6. Finally, “Dawn A New Day” bled into the fitting “Dome People” before PPPP gave fans an “F.U.” to close the frame. For the encore, Pigeons inserted “Hedwig’s Theme” within “Avalanche.”

“The Domefest All-Stars” featured different lineups with members of Pigeons teaming at various points with Aqueous’ Mike Gantzer, Austin Litz of LITZ, Re, Nick Van Leer, Grant Martin and Justin Reckamp from Mungion as well as Broccoli Samurai’s Hodson, Chris Walker and Josh Sebo. Once again, the focus was put on covers including Talking Heads’ “Crosseyed & Painless,” Nirvana’s “All Apologies,” Stevie Wonder’s “Boogie On Reggae Woman,” The Beatles’ “Come Together,” “Sand” by Phish and David Bowie’s “Fame.”

Watch “In The Bubble” and “Whoopie” from Friday night below:

Setlists (via PPPP FB)

Friday, May 21

Set One: In The Bubble, Whoopie, Time To Ride > Penguins > Time To Ride, Bad For You, Day In Time*, King Kong

Set Two: Fox And Toad > Offshoot%, Overtired > Ocean Flows, Sunny Day > Take A Picture^ > Sunny Day, Feelin’ Fine, Horizon

Set Three: Mission KillPossiBill [1] > Around The World > Kashmir > Eye Of the Moonwalk [2] > Bailamos^ > All Along The Evil Woman [3] > Shaft [4] > Vibrations [5] > Pinball Wizard > Praise You [6] > Picture In Picture > Praise You > Funky House [7] > Big In The Changes [8] > Mission KillPossiBill

Encore: Zydeko > Sir Real > Zydeko


  • “Under Cover” 3rd set
  • * Original debut
  • % w/ Ryan Hodson (Broccoli Samurai) on keys
  • ^ First time played
  • [1] Mission Impossible / Battle Without Honor or Humanity (Kill Bill) mash-up
  • [2] Eye Of The Tiger / Moonwalk mash-up
  • [3] All Along The Watchtower / Evil Woman mash-up
  • [4] w/ “Chef” lyrics
  • [5] Last time played 1/30/2016 (BIG Something)
  • [6] Last time played 10/31/2016
  • [7] Funky Town / Brick House / Play That Funky Music mash-up
  • [8] Changes (feat. Dr. Evil) / Big Poppa / In The End mash-up; last time played 4/12/2018

Saturday, May 22

Set One: Porcupine, Totally, The Liquid > Live Life > The Liquid, Lightning%, Move Like That > Skipjack^ > Donkey Hotel*, Poseidon > Where Is My Mind > Poseidon

Set Two: Fall In Place, Somethin’ For Ya > Pop Off, Couldn’t We All > Bye Bye Bye > Blinding Lights > Couldn’t We All, Dawn A New Day, Dome People > F.U.

Encore: Avalanche > Hedwig’s Theme > Avalanche

** The Domefest All-Stars **

Set: Crosseyed And Painless [1], All Apologies [2], Boogie On Reggae Woman [3], Come Together [4] > Sand [5], Improv jam [6], Fame [7]


  • % w/ Joe Re (Mungion) on keys and Mike Gantzer (Aqueous) on kickflip
  • ^ Unfinished
  • * Original debut

All-Stars Cast:

  • [1] Greg Ormont, Mike Gantzer (Aqueous – vocals, guitar), Jeremy Schon, Austin Litz (LITZ – vocals, sax, keys), Joe Re (Mungion – keys), Josh Sebo (Broccoli Samurai – bass), Alex Petropulos
  • [2] Mike Gantzer, Justin Reckamp (Mungion – vocals, guitar), Jeremy Schon, Joe Re, Grant Martin (Mungion – bass), Alex Petropulos
  • [3] Justin Reckamp, Greg Ormont, Jeremy Schon, Austin Litz, Ben Carrey, Nick Van Leer (Mungion – drums)
  • [4] Mike Gantzer, Greg Ormont, Jeremy Schon, Austin Litz, Ben Carrey, Chris Walker (Broccoli Samurai – drums)
  • [5] Jeremy Schon, Greg Ormont, Mike Gantzer, Joe Re, Ben Carrey, Chris Walker
  • [6] Greg Ormont, Jeremy Schon, Justin Reckamp, Austin Litz, Ryan Hodson (Broccoli Samurai – keys), Grant Martin, Alex Petropulos
  • [7] Mike Gantzer, Greg Ormont, Jeremy Schon, Justin Reckamp, Austin Litz, Ryan Hodson, Ben Carrey, Josh Sebo, Alex Petropulos

[Hat Tip – Live For Live Music]

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