Phish Welcomes Carlos Santana At Stowe PAC In 1992


As noted earlier, today is iconic guitarist Carlos Santana’s 70th birthday. The beloved axeman released a new single this morning and this afternoon let’s throwback to a guest appearance he made with Phish nearly 25 years ago in the quartet’s home state of Vermont.

In 1992 Carlos Santana invited Phish to open for Santana on the group’s lengthy, cross-country tour. The extensive run gave the Vermonters a chance to get used to stages at outdoor amphitheaters, many of which they would start headlining the following summer. Carlos invited members of Phish to sit-in with Santana at over a dozen stops on the tour. The guitarist made his lone guest appearance with the quartet that summer during the tour’s visit to Stowe Performing Arts Center in Stowe, Vermont on July 25, 1992.

Phish’s set in Stowe was longer than most on the tour as a few only spanned three songs. Towards the end of the foursome’s July 25, 1992 set they launched into “You Enjoy Myself.” When it came time for Trey Anastasio’s solo, Carlos emerged from the wings and Santana percussionists Karl Perazzo and Raul Rekow joined the fray. Trey and Carlos engaged in a phenomenal guitar duel that showed the best of what both musicians had to offer. “YEM” ended with a percussion duel instead of the usual vocal jam and was followed by versions of “Llama” and “Funky Bitch” that also featured Carlos, Karl and Raul.

Stream a recording of “You Enjoy Myself” featuring Santana from July 25, 1992:

Here’s audio of the “Llama” that followed:

Author Parke Puterbaugh mentioned another contribution Santana made to Phish lore in Phish: The Biography:

Santana also added a new term to the Phish lexicon, derived from his words of praise for the band. The master guitarist told them that when he listened, he imagined the audience as a garden of flowers, Phish as a hose, and their music as water. From this came the term “the hose,” which Phishheads thereafter used to describe an especially memorable jam.

Many mentions of “the hose” have been made by Phish fans already this summer.

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