Phish Headlines The Last Night At Lockn’: Recap, Setlist & The Skinny

By Ben Greenfield Aug 28, 2016 9:13 pm PDT

Phish closed out the Lockn’ Festival Sunday night, capping off the four-night jamboree with their second headlining performance of the weekend. Following a day of music from old pros like Phil Lesh and The Wailers, and younger acts like Gary Clark Jr. and Twiddle, Phish showcased both their experience and their creative vitality. The first set was pure, high energy rock, while the second played like a greatest hits album — that is, if such an album included a stunning extended jam smack in its middle.

“Sample in a Jar” set the mood for the high energy set that was to come. After a short trip through “Martian Monster,” the heat kept coming with “Axilla” and “Moma Dance.” The band dipped back into their 1980s catalog for the set’s mid-section: a quick “Halley’s Comet,” followed by an “AC/DC Bag” which gave Trey Anastasio’s guitar fingers a powerful workout. After the year’s second “Fuck Your Face” closed out the oldies block, “46 Days” brought the set to its highest peak. “The Line” preceded a mellow “Limb by Limb,” which featured some lovely delicate interplay between Trey and keyboardist Page McConnell. “Possum” came next, and it featured excellent piano, organ and guitar solos, but was slightly marred by some miscommunication en route to the peak. The “First Tube” that closed the set, however, was flawless.

The second set opened promisingly with “Carini,” but after a brief, Jon Fishman-fueled jam, the opening chords of “Chalk Dust Torture” rang out. Following a fiery guitar solo, the song appeared headed to Type II territory, but it almost immediately fizzled out for “Twist.” The song slowly built to a satisfying peak, but like its predecessors, did nothing out of the ordinary.

“Light” took the set in a new direction. After a strong trip through its structured improvisational section, the band switched gears, turning to a light, major key jam. With Fishman spitting out complex beats and Page setting the mood on the Wurlitzer, Trey spun a gorgeous melodic web, bringing the jam to a buttery climax. The hits kept coming, with bassist Mike Gordon and Fishman pounding their way through a hot “Tweezer.” The evening’s first cover, “No Quarter,” was well played, as was “2001.” “Harry Hood” was up next, and included a patient, delicate build, though it did not peak as powerfully as the previous version in Chula Vista. “Tweezer Reprise” brought the house down to close the set. The band returned to the stage to serve up one last dose of adrenaline, bringing the festival to a close with The Rolling Stones’ “Loving Cup.”

Phish returns to the stage this Friday, September 2, for the first of three shows at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Colorado.

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The Setlist

The Venue

LOCKN’ Farm [See upcoming shows]

1 shows — 08/26/2016

The Music

12 songs / 8:37 pm to 9:49 pm (72 minutes)

10 songs / 10:23 pm to 11:48 pm (85 minutes)

22 songs / 19 originals / 3 covers


4 [Gap chart]



Tweezer - LTP 07/15/2016 (8 Show Gap)

Light - 15:29

Fuck Your Face - 2:09

A Picture of Nectar - 3, Hoist - 1, The Story of the Ghost - 2, Farmhouse - 2, Round Room - 1, Joy - 1, Fuego - 1, Misc. - 8, Covers - 3

The Rest

74° and Clear At Showtime

Koa 1

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