Phish New Year’s Eve Runs At Madison Square Garden Top $50 Million


Phish’s 13 New Year’s Eve Runs at Madison Square Garden in New York City have earned the band over $50 million. Their recent NYE stand at MSG brought in $6.7 million after selling 76,079 tickets to the four concerts, as reported to Billboard Boxscore.

According to Billboard, Phish’s 13 New Year’s Eve Runs at MSG have generated 849,285 ticket sales totaling $52.8 million. Phish’s first New Year’s celebration at MSG came on December 30 – 31, 1995, when they sold 36,504 tickets and grossed $1 million. The band’s recent MSG run was their most lucrative since their Big Cypress Festival that rang in 2000 and grossed $11.6 million.

Billboard also reports that Phish’s career totals now stand at 11.4 million tickets sold for a total of $507.6 million.