Peter Rowan & Lindsay Lou Join Greensky Bluegrass At Camp Greensky

Rowan helped GSBG debut one of his songs while Lindsay Lou joined for the unveiling of a choice JGB cover and more.

By Nate Todd Jun 4, 2022 9:22 am PDT

Greensky Bluegrass offered the second of three performances at their Camp Greensky festival on Friday. The quintet welcomed singer-songwriters Peter Rowan and Lindsay Lou for night two of the event at Shagbark Farm in Caledonia, Michigan.

GSBG kicked off their first set with a cover, The Stanley Brothers’ bluegrass standard “Pig In A Pen,” after not performing covers for the first half of the year. Originals “Old Barns” and “Blood Sucking F(r)iends” followed. Artist at large Lindsay Lou — who performed with the band the night previous — then joined on vocals for “Grow Together” off Greensky’s 2022 album Stress Dreams.

The quintet would go it alone for “Take Cover” before bluegrass legend Peter Rowan emerged on guitar and vocals to help GSBG debut his “Fetch Wood Carry Water.” Rowan would stay on for his classic “Midnight Moonlight” as well. Following Rowan’s departure, Greensky returned to Stress Dreams with “Give A Shit” ahead of first set closer “Worried About The Weather.”


The band launched the second set with “Broke Mountain Breakdown” which encompassed “Worry For You.” Lindsay Lou then came back out for “Lose My Way” which headed into her own “Hot Hands,” a GSBG debut, ahead of a return to “Lose My Way.”

Lindsay then left but would be back as the quintet offered staples “Windshield” and “The Radio Blues” on their own ahead of the vocalist’s return for “Past My Prime” and the GSBG debut of Jerry Garcia Band favorite “Gomorrah.” Lindsay Lou would stay on for set two closer, “Handle With Care.” Greensky Bluegrass sealed their second Camp Greensky performance with a “Who Is Frederico?” encore.

Check out fan-shot video of “Worried About The Weather” from last night’s show below:

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Greensky Bluegrass, Little Feat and more wrap up Camp Greensky tonight.

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Setlist (via GSBG PT)

Set One: Pig in a Pen, Old Barns, Blood Sucking F(r)iends, Grow Together[1], Take Cover, Fetch Wood Carry Water[2][3], Midnight Moonlight[2], Give a Shit, Worried About the Weather

Set Two: Broke Mountain Breakdown > Worry for You > Broke Mountain Breakdown, Lose My Way[1] > Hot Hands[1][3] > Lose My Way[1], Windshield, The Radio Blues, Past My Prime[1], Gomorrah[1][3], Handle With Care[1]

Encore: Who Is Frederico?


[1] w/ Lindsay Lou (vocals)

[2] w/ Peter Rowan (guitar, vocals)

[3] first time played

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