Pete Francis Announces First Album Since Leaving Dispatch & Shares Single

Listen to “Scared Without Your Love.”

By Nate Todd Feb 3, 2023 1:25 pm PST

Dispatch co-founder Pete Francis confirmed his first album since leaving the band in 2019. PTRN SKY! will arrive on May 12 via Noble Steed Music and is previewed by the single “Scared Without Your Love.”

PTRN SKY! also marks Francis’ first solo full-length album since 2010. Pete recorded the new record at home in Connecticut and tapped Scott Jacoby (Coldplay, Vampire Weekend) to produce. PTRN SKY! sees Francis reckoning with the anxiety and depression he has struggled with for most of his adult life. The music also helped the singer-songwriter to heal, as press materials for PTRN SKY! noted:

In addition to therapy and medication, Francis used songwriting as a means of self-care, inhabiting a stream of consciousness style unlike anything he had previously done. Rather than penning the lyrics first, Francis channeled the emotions evoked in the music, inviting the synthesizer and drum loop-heavy sonic landscapes to guide the words that eventually came out.

The first taste of Pete’s new compositional style is “Scared Without Your Love,” which the singer-songwriter detailed:

“‘Scared Without Your Love’ is about trying to find my true voice and breaking old, codependent habits,” he said. “Sometimes in toxic relationships we get too comfortable to realize how bad things have gotten – for me, part of the healing process was about recognizing negativity and realizing the need to grow into a stronger version of myself.”

Listen to “Scared Without Your Love” below:

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