Perpetual Groove Shares ‘Spirit Bear’: Exclusive Video Premiere


Perpetual Groove are gearing up for the release of a self-titled studio album via Harmonized Records on May 17. JamBase is pleased to premiere the official video for Perpetual Groove track “Spirit Bear.”

The “Spirit Bear” videos was produced, directed, edited and filmed by Dominar Films in Athens, Georgia. Guitarist Brock Butler stars in the clip, which also features bassist Adam Perry and keyboardist Matt McDonald. If viewers look close enough, they may be able to spot drummer Albert Suttle.

“I love the process of making videos: coming up with the concepts and all that goes into it,” Butler told JamBase. “Dominar Films and everybody that worked on the project there, they came up with this little treatment and as soon as I read it I was like ‘Absolutely!’ I was thinking blurred out faces, David Lynch — that sounds very promising.” In addition to Lynch, the video also pays homage to The Wizard Of Oz. Watch the “Spirit Bear” video below:

Perpetual Groove was recorded with producer Jason Kingsland in sessions that took place in both North Carolina and Georgia. The 7-track LP is the band’s first since 2009’s Heal and first featuring the classic lineup since 2007’s LIVELOVEDIE. Butler, Suttle, McDonald and Perry assembled at Fidelitorium Recordings in Kernersville, North Carolina to track the bulk of the record with Kingsland last year. The band stayed together near the studio to focus squarely on the new album. PGroove came away from Fidelitorium with the “bones” of the record and finished the LP in Atlanta. “We probably took as much time making this album as we did all of our others combined,” Butler explained about the process. Perpetual Groove, the album, is currently available for pre-order in vinyl and CD formats.

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