Official Video: Phish Opens Up Down With Disease In Mexico

By Scott Bernstein Jan 25, 2016 1:41 pm PST

One of the highlights from the recent Phish three-night stand in Mexico, aka Phish Riviera Maya, was an expansive version of “Down With Disease” that opened the final set of the event. The foursome has just posted official video of the Mexican “Down With Disease” for our viewing pleasure.

As we noted in our recap of the show, “keyboardist Page McConnell hopped on electric piano as the ‘Disease’ jam quickly moved beyond the song’s usual boundaries towards a blissful major key segment. Page then triggered the sound effects for Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House track ‘Shipwreck,’ one of the few songs from the Halloween ’14 musical costume yet to be performed since its debut. However the foursome continued with the pretty chord structure they had landed on prior to Page overlaying the samples and patiently worked it over before Anastasio led them to a memorable climax. The ‘Disease’ was a true Team Phish affair with all four members of the band making impressive contributions to one of the weekend’s improvisational highlights. Eventually the jam petered out and ‘Roggae’ began.”

Watch Phish’s performance of “Down With Disease” from January 17:

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