Midsummer Instrumental Edition: Nievergelt, Kenosha Kid, The Quiet Temple & L’Clair


Nievergelt: The Jewels

How’s your summer going? Here’s a little hot-and-humid for you with a set of great new albums of more-or-less all instrumental music that still gets their point across. The first is from New York City musician Derek Nievergelt, who put out The Jewels as just Nievergelt. The core band for the album – guitar/bass/drums — toured for a bit playing together as a backing rhythm section over which time the ideas for the music came together. The record captures rock-and-groove instrumental music at its finest. With plenty of guests to fill out the sound, The Jewels feels like an in-the-flesh history stroll through some of the best rock, funk and soul sounds from way back and way way back. Which is to say, it’s alllll good. Check it out, I think you’ll dig.


Kenosha Kid: Missing Pieces

Kenosha Kid maybe once upon a time started off as a jazz band, but like many of the best of them, they’ve evolved to a point where they’re free from labels and genre. Led by guitarist Dan Nettles, the Athens, Georgia quartet is out with their strongest release yet, Missing Pieces. Nettles gives detailed notes on each track, showing that there’s still a jazz-innovative mind and a lot of thought behind the compositions. But when you cue this one up, you’re thinking less about the time-signatures than the heady journey of rock, prog, jazz and funk that each piece takes you on. And take you there it does!


The Quiet Temple: The Quiet Temple

I love the idea of a collective, a community of musicians build a sound around their integrated sound, backgrounds and influences. The Quiet Temple are such a group, led by Duke Garwood and Rich Machin and extended to musicians who have played with Stereolab, Spiritualized and more. As is the case with these kinds of ensembles, they got into the studio with a few rough ideas and just made music. This self-titled debut is the result and it’s a masterful set of mood-inducers, psychedelic, expansive, hypnotic … all the emotional and intellectual somersaults you want out of good instrumental music, it’s there in this one. Highly recommended.


L’Eclair: Sauropoda

It would be tough for me to get through an entire RecommNeds column without either getting something awesome from Europe in here or turning you onto something awesome from Beyond Beyond Is Beyond. So why not do both? Closing out this week’s set is some ridiculously awesome instrumental boogie from Switzerland’s . Coming in hot on the tails of their much-loved-by-me RecommNed’d Polymood, the new one, Sauropoda, is a pure delight of loose, giddy around-the-globe groovers that are equally ready for dim-the-lights chill out sessions as turn-it-up dance parties. This is the good shit, friends, enjoy it!