moe. References Election With Lyric Changes At Maryland Drive In Concert


moe. took the stage at Showtime At The Drive In in Frederick, Maryland on Saturday hours after national media outlets declared Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election. The band changed lyrics to three songs played on Saturday in reference to the future president and the election.

The quintet kicked off the concert with the pairing of “Captain America” and “Mexico.” Next, moe. dusted off “The Pines And The Apple Trees” for the first time since April 14, 2016 as per Phantasy Tour. A run of “Don’t Wanna Be” into “Bullet” into “Down Boy” followed. The latter saw moe. change the lyrics from “Six years time” and “And it was six too long” to “Four years time” as well as “And it was four too long.” A celebratory “New Hope For The New Year” capped the frame.

moe. chose “Screaming & Kicking” to open the Saturday’s second set. The five-piece jammed the song into “Waiting For The Punchline,” with references to Peter Jennings changed to MSNBC journalist “Steve Kornacki,” who received lots of love on social media for his tireless work at the network’s “big board” as election results came in. moe. continued on with “Along For The Ride” and then delivered a near-hour-long run of “Tailspin” into “Meat” into “Don’t Fuck With Flo.” On Saturday, moe. sang the title of the set-closer as “Don’t Fuck With Joe” and also updated the line “It was a stone groove, my man” to “It was a rigged election, my man.”

Saturday’s “Don’t Fuck With Flo” also included a short jam on Van Halen’s “Runnin’ With The Devil” in honor of Eddie Van Halen. For the encore, moe. presented a truncated rendition of classic “Seat Of My Pants” as they hit the venue’s hard curfew before having a chance to end the tune.

Setlist (via Phantasy Tour)

Set One: Captain America > Mexico, The Pines And The Apple Trees, Don’t Wanna Be > Bullet > Down Boy [1], New Hope For The New Year

Set Two: Screaming & Kicking > Waiting For The Punchline [2], Along for the Ride, Tailspin > Meat > Don’t Fuck With Flo [3,4]

Encore: Seat Of My Pants

  • [1] – lyrics changed from “6 years” to “4 years”.
  • [2] – lyrics changed from “Peter Jennings” to “Steve Kornacki.”
  • [3] – lyrics change from “flo” to Joe”.
  • [4] – lyrics updated to “it was a rigged election man”.

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