Lotus Offers Debuts & Welcomes Guests At Summerdance 2022

Check out a recap and photos from the band's annual festival.

By Nate Todd Sep 6, 2022 2:41 pm PDT

Lotus wrapped up their three-night Summerdance festival on Sunday at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Garrettsville, Ohio. The livetronica act debuted a number of songs from their recently released album, Bloom & Recede, and also unveiled new covers over the course of the weekend. Additionally, the five-piece welcomed a pair of special guests.

Lotus — multi-instrumentalists Luke Miller and Jesse Miller, drummer Mike Greenfield, percussionist Chuck Morris and guitarist Tim Palmieri — kicked off their performance on September 2 with “Wax” ahead of a paring of “Sid” and “Lucid Awakening.” The five-piece then offered the debut of Bloom & Recede’s “Entangled” followed by the first “Tarot” since 2018. The first set came to a close with “Expired Slang.”

The second frame got going with Bloom & Recede’s “Tar Pits,’ which saw Lotus welcoming Jonny G from lespecial on guitar. After “Blue Giant” and “Invincibility Of Youth,” the band embarked on a seamless set closing sequence that included the debut of Bicep’s “Aura” followed by set closer “Juggernaut.” Lotus returned to encore with a cover of Ratatat’s “Cream On Chrome.”

Night two commenced with “Grayrigg” before the live unveiling of Bloom & Recede opener “Desert Blooms.” The well-jammed premiere gave way to “Slow Cookin’” featuring Jon from Chalk Dinosaur on guitar. “Dowrn” emerged from “Slow Cookin” and flowed into Bloom & Recede’s “Time Dilates.” The first set closed out with “Bellwether.”

Lotus launched the second frame on night two with “Lead Pipe.” Elsewhere in the set, drummer Mike Greenfield and percussionist Chuck Morris switched rigs for “Automatic.” Night two came to a close with a “Gilded Age” encore.

Lotus began night three with “Blender” ahead of “Debris.” The band then debuted Bloom & Recede’s “Pacific Glow,” which boasted a breakbeat, modular synth jam. Lotus also dusted off “In The Bliss” for the first time since early 2020. Lotus capped the first set with “Shimmer and Out.”

“Nematode” then encompassed “Spaghetti” to kick off the final Lotus set of Summerdance. The second frame also saw a cover debt of Underworld’s “Cups” before wrapping up with a pairing of “Pluck” and “Flower Sermon.” Lotus returned for a two-song encore that began with “Blacklight Sunflare” and ended with a rocking version of “Age Of Inexperience.”

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