Lotus Confirms New Album ‘Bloom & Recede’ & Shares Single

Watch a live performance video of the new single "Time Dilates."

By Nate Todd Jun 24, 2022 11:49 am PDT

Lotus will issue a new album, Bloom & Recede, on August 26 via AntiFragile Music. The jamtronica quintet also shared a new single, “Time Dilates.”

Bloom & Recede is the follow up to Lotus’ 2021 studio album Citrus as well as a live release, Live Underground, which arrived early this year. Bloom & Recede is also the first studio LP with new guitarist Tim Palmieri. The prolific band previously released singles and videos for Bloom & Recede tracks “Pluck” and “Tar Pits.”

  • Lotus Shares ‘Tar Pits’ Single

    Lotus Shares ‘Tar Pits’ Single 

  • Lotus Unveils New Single 'Pluck,' 1st With Tim Palmieri

    Lotus Unveils New Single 'Pluck,' 1st With Tim Palmieri 

The aforementioned singles spearheaded work on Bloom & Recede and grew out of Lotus’ 2019 performance at their Summerdance festival, as the band’s Jesse Miller explained:

“The origins of this album go back to a special set of music we performed at our Summerdance festival in the summer of 2019. We brought out a large stack of modular synths, mixers and effects to play a set that leaned heavily into techno, house and electronica – almost a hybrid live DJ set without turntables. A few ideas from that set became the origins of “Pluck” and “Tar Pits” and created a template for us to dive further into synth-focused music and for me to build a modular system to use live with Lotus. In many ways the musical influences here go back to some of our earliest electronic music experiences – Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Underworld. In the 90s those artists used a lot of hardware synths and analog gear. To my ear, it is a timeless sound that savors the imperfections of the instruments.”

Jesse’s brother and bandmate Luke Miler also weighed in on the new album:

“In college I heard Steve Reich’s ‘Music for 18 Musicians’ for the first time and it blew my mind. The piece is an hour-long composition played on violin, cello, piano, marimbas, clarinets, and wordless voice. But when I first heard these familiar instruments it sounded more like electronic music than orchestral. This is because there aren’t sweeping string runs, but rather tight repeated patterns that slowly add notes. The result is a psychedelic tapestry of sound that can feel simultaneously grounding and unendingly expansive. It’s always been an aspiration to pair that experience of Minimalist composition with dance music and improv-based jam music. For this album we tried to bring those three elements together.”

Bloom & Recede’s latest studio single, “Time Dilates,” arrived today following a live performance video of the song premiered by Live For Live Music yesterday.

“During the pandemic, Time seemed to go topsy-turvy,” Luke Miller told L4LM. “Things seemed to last forever, or be gone in a blink of the eye. This song to me has a similar split where it feels very ethereal and floaty and at the same time grounded and earthy. The live version for the video really comes to life with the extended improvisation.”

Watch the live video for “Time Dilates” below and check out the studio version as well:

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