Little Feat Shares New Song ‘When All Boats Rise’ & Paul Barrere Tribute


Little Feat unveiled an early version of the 51-year-old band’s latest original, “When All Boats Rise.” Co-founding member Bill Payne wrote “When All Boats Rise” with Tom Garnsey. The group also shared a tribute to late guitarist Paul Barrere, who died one year ago today.

“You are being brought into the process of a song that is evolving. We will be adding horns, additional background vocals and a video in the future,” explained Payne. The band, which recently announced the addition of drummer Tony Leone, tapped Catherine Russell to contribute and arrange vocals on “When All Boats Rise.”

Read more from Bill Payne on “When All Boats Rise” and the decision to release the early version now:

I wanted you to hear this though before the election. This is a pivotal time for us all to pull together. As you listen to the words and reflect on the title of the song, you might understand why I feel it was important to get this out to you now. We need you to GO VOTE. Please vote down-ballot too, and let’s change the Senate. John Lewis said we need to get in “good trouble.” And as the song says, “There’ll be a better day, When All Boats Rise.”

Thank you!

Stream Little Feat’s “When All Boats Rise” below:

Check out a photo tribute to Paul Barrere featuring exclusive photos from Hank Randall’s archive:

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