Listen To Brand New Frank Zappa Live Archival Release From Chicago In 1978


The Frank Zappa vault has opened once again for a series of releases that have been issued today. Included within is a live archival release dubbed Chicago ’78 featuring the late show Frank and his band played in The Windy City on September 29, 1978.

Frank’s band found on Chicago ’78 features Ike Willis on guitar and vocals, Denny Walley on guitar and vocals, Tommy Mars and Peter Wolf on keyboards, Ed Mann on percussion, Arthur Barrow on bass and Vinnie Colaiuta on drums as per the FZ chronology website. Zappa and his crew run through such classics as “Dancin’ Fool,” “Keep It Greasy,” “Village Of The Sun,” “Magic Fingers,” “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow” and “Black Napkins.” Stream Chicago ’78 below:

Also released today were Meat Light: The Uncle Meat Project/Object and Little Dots.

Chicago ’78 Tracklist

  1. Chicago Walk-On
  2. Twenty-One
  3. Dancin’ Fool
  4. Easy Meat
  5. Honey, Don’t You Want A Man Like Me?
  6. Keep It Greasy
  7. Village Of The Sun
  8. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
  9. Bamboozled By Love
  10. Sy Borg
  11. Little House I Used To Live In
  12. Paoxysmal Splendor
  13. Yo Mama
  14. Magic Fingers
  15. Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow
  16. Strictly Genteel
  17. Black Napkins

[via The Music Universe]