Lilly Hiatt Announces New Album ‘Lately’ & Shares Single

The single "Been" arrived with an accompanying music video featuring vintage footage from the Hiatt Family archives.

By Nate Todd Sep 8, 2021 1:29 pm PDT

Lilly Hiatt announced a new album, Lately, due out via New West Records on October 15 with a cassette version of the album arriving on October 8 for “Cassette Week.” The Nashville-based singer-songwriter also shared the single, “Been.”

Lilly Hiatt, who is the daughter of renowned singer-songwriter John Hiatt, co-produced the 10-track Lately with drummer Kate Haldrup at the Death Ladder recording facility in East Nashville. The new LP is the follow-up to Hiatt’s critically acclaimed 2020 album, Walking Proof. Released on March 27 of that year as the pandemic began to shut the world down, Hiatt pivoted and began work on what would become her new record.

Lilly detailed working on Lately during the pandemic and more in a statement. Read her wrods below:

Last year was tough. That’s an understatement for certain. Tears were shed, lives were lost, and lonely was a way of life. I have always felt lonely, but never gone to the depths of solitude that I had in 2020. The irony of that is, I was not alone at all in that space. Everyone had lost something, and we all were trying to rebuild our lives as we knew them. As a means of keeping sane, I started to write songs. Some of them sucked. I kept doing it though, because I had nothing else to fill my cup.

Depression was a big part of fall and winter. I forgot how down I could feel. But I also felt hope in that light that came from a memory of a past adventure or a stranger’s smile while walking down the street. Little things lifted my spirits. I missed my friends. I missed my family. I was devastated by the grief our country was facing, as well as the world. I felt unified in knowing that I was not on my own in that mentality. Many were questioning a lot of what was happening and though ideologies and understandings were fractured and opposing, most people I know craved to be together again. I realized that my heart was full of everything I loved and that would carry me forward for the time being. Eventually we would all get back to one another.

Today, SPIN premiered Lately single “Been” along with an accompanying music video featuring vintage super 8 film footage Lilly uncovered in the Hiatt Family archives. Watch the video for “Been” below:

Lately Tracklist

  1. Simple
  2. Been
  3. Lately
  4. Stop
  5. Peach
  6. Ride
  7. Face
  8. Better
  9. Gem
  10. The Last Tear

Lilly Hiatt has tour dates with Deer Tick on the horizon along with a fall tour planned around Lately with Lydia Loveless set to begin in October. Check out her tour dates below:

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