Indigo Girls Release New Album ‘Look Long’


The Indigo Girls today issue Look Long, an 11-track studio album, via Rounder Records. Indigo Girls — a duo consisting of Emily Saliers and Amy Ray — tapped John Reynolds to produce the LP.

Look Long marks the pair’s first studio album since 2015’s One Lost Day. Amy Ray wrote five songs for the record with Saliers contributing the other six. The Indigo Girls last worked with Reynolds on “Damo,” a track featured on 2011’s Beauty Queen Sister. John Reynolds also produced all of the duo’s seventh studio album, Come On Now Social.


Amy and Emily are backed on Look Long by a band that includes the same musicians who contributed to Come On Now Social: guitarist Justin Adams, bassist Clare Kenny, keyboardist Carole Isaacs, cellist Caroline Dalea and Reynolds on drums. Additionally, longtime touring member Lyris Hung joins on violin with vocalists Lucy Wainwright and Lucy Jules also performing on the LP, which was recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios in Bath, England.

“We’re still a bar band at heart,” said Emily Saliers in press materials announcing Look Long. “Today, we joke about being old, but what is old when it comes to music? We’re just as inspired by younger artists, and the passion feels the same as it did when we were 25 years-old.” The pair came into the sessions with the aim that they “weren’t going to put boundaries on what an Indigo Girls song should be.” Emily also noted that they also told each other, “Whatever happens in the studio will happen. A lot of magic unfolded because of that decision.”


“People can feel lost in these times,” Saliers added. “Let’s lament our limitations, but let’s also look beyond what’s right in front of us, take the long view of things, and strive to do better.” Listen to the new Indigo Girls album below:

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