The JamBase Podcast: Hiss Golden Messenger’s MC Taylor Returns

MC Taylor returns to discuss the new Hiss Golden Messenger album, ‘Quietly Blowing It,’ and more.

By Team JamBase Aug 12, 2021 12:04 pm PDT

Episode 91 of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media Network, features the return of Hiss Golden Messenger‘s MC Taylor. JamBase’s Andy Kahn talked to Taylor about the new Hiss Golden Messenger album, Quietly Blowing It, that is out now on Merge Records.

Taylor and Kahn previously chatted last October, during which the former revealed he had already recorded what became Quietly Blowing It. Unlike the brief mention last time, this discussion focused on the record, which Taylor began working on in March 2020, just as the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Taylor talked about using the forced time off at home to write about his life experiences over the past several years. Those sessions resulted in Taylor recording a version of Quietly Blowing It entirely by himself.

Last summer, Taylor explained, he safely assembled many of his longtime Hiss cohorts to record Quitely Blowing It. Using the tracks he recorded on his own as a guide, the others were encouraged to interpret what they heard and over the course of about a week completed the album. Taylor was the lone producer on the album, which he explained was more of an unplanned natural occurrence rather than a premeditated move.

Taylor talked about enlisting several guests who contributed to the record, like saxophonist Stuart Bogie and renowned guitarist Buddy Miller. Also touched on during the interview was the collaborative Hiss Golden Messenger set at Newport Folk Festival that saw members of Dawes (who appeared on Quietly Blowing It) and others joining Taylor during his solo performance. They also discussed Talyor’s role in creating the videos for Quietly Blowing It, three of which were directed by KidEthnic (Saleem Reshamwala) and another by Vikesh Kapoor.

Taylor described his recent experience playing live shows in Colorado — including the first indoor, full band Hiss concert since the start of the pandemic. Taylor shed light on some of the behind-the-scenes logistics currently taking place in an effort to implement COVID-19 protocols for upcoming Hiss Golden Messenger shows. He detailed his reasons for supporting vaccination and how he wants to prevent someone from getting sick from attending a Hiss concert.

Just like on his last podcast appearance, Taylor again revealed he has completed another new Hiss Golden Messenger album that will be out soon. He also gave an update on an instrumental project he mentioned last time, talked about his experience at last year’s Grammy Awards (2019’s Terms Of Surrender was nominated for Best Americana Album) and much more.

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