The Head & The Heart Releases ‘Honeybee (Live Acoustic)’ Video


The Head and the Heart went unplugged for their latest single, an acoustic rendition of “Honeybee.” The original version of the song was released as part of the group’s 2019 studio album, Living Mirage. “Honeybee (Live Acoustic)” is available both in audio and video formats.

Read a statement from The Heart And The Heart about “Honeybee (Live Acoustic)”:

We wanted to give you all a version of ‘Honeybee’ stripped of everything but vocals, acoustic guitar and piano, the way it was originally written. While on tour this Fall we found a charming old warehouse in Philly and took it over for a recording session with some friends. And we brought a camera crew along to capture the magic…

‘Honeybee’ really captures the idea of living a life complacent with the familiar – maybe even taking the person closest to you for granted and regretting not expressing your love towards them until it’s too late. It’s a concept that connects with all of us and this song, sonically, for the band is intriguingly minimalist. It feels fresh.

Watch the Kevin Grey-directed “Honeybee (Live Acoustic)” video below: