Happy Birthday Paul McCartney | Sir Paul Isolated Tracks

In baseball they call an athlete who’s ably skilled at every facet of the game a “five tool player.” If we extend that metaphor to the music world we find that the great Paul McCartney is a “five tool musician.”

Not only has the former Beatle and Wings member crafted some of the most iconic songs in the history of rock, but he’s also an incredible bass player, vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist as well as a more than adequate drummer. Over the years he’s filled many of those roles on different studio recordings and in honor of Macca’s 73rd birthday we’re presenting a batch of “isolated tracks” showing off his variety of skills. Whether it’s his drumming on “Band On The Run,” his gut-wrenching “Oh! Darling” vocals, the “Taxman” guitar solo he “stole” from George Harrison or his jaw-dropping bass work on “Something,” McCartney crushes his parts in the studio.

1. Something (Bass)

2. Maybe I’m Amazed (Vocals)

3. Dear Prudence (Bass)

4. Hey Bulldog (Bass)

5. Helter Skelter (Vocals)

6. Taxman (Guitar Solo)

7. Oh! Darling (Vocals)

8. Band On The Run (Drums)

9. Abbey Road Medley (Vocals)

10. Paperback Writer (Bass)