Happy Birthday Jimmy Herring | Jazz Is Dead Videos

We’d like to wish a very happy birthday to Widespread Panic guitarist Jimmy Herring, who turns 53 today. Not only is Jimmy a ridiculously talented guitarist, he’s also one of the good guys in rock. Herring has been a fixture of the jam scene starting with his time in Aquarium Rescue Unit and continuing as a member of the Allman Brothers Band for a tour and Phil Lesh’s Quintet straight through his current tenure in Panic.

While we love Jimmy’s work with all the aforementioned bands, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some videos from his time in Jazz Is Dead. Herring was an original member of the Grateful Dead tribute act along with Billy Cobham, T Lavitz and Alphonso Johnson. Jazz Is Dead reinterpreted songs from the Grateful Dead songbook in an extremely inventive way. We found a handful of videos from the late ’90s showing just how amazing this instrumental band was. Let’s check ’em out:

[Scarlet Begonias]

[Help On The Way > Slipknot! > Franklin’s Tower]

[Mississippi Half-Step]

[Crazy Fingers]

[Unbroken Chain]