Happy Birthday Alex Lifeson: Rush Guitarist Soloing Compilations


Guitarist Alex Lifeson celebrates his 64th birthday today. The co-founding member of Canadian rock trio Rush, Lifeson’s electrifying fretwork is a cornerstone of the group’s signature progressive sound. This week’s Sunday Cinema presents a pair of video compilations of Lifeson’s soloing skills from throughout the legendary band’s storied career.

Though Rush hasn’t performed live since the conclusion of their R40 Tour in 2015, Lifeson and bassist Geddy Lee have left open the possibility of sharing the stage with drummer Neal Peart for one-off shows. A skillful studio technician, Lifeson’s talents are perhaps best appreciated through his live guitar playing. YouTube user Rush prepared a two-part set of video compilations featuring Lifeson soloing on stage with Lee and Peart at various points in the past four decades.

Part One of the Lifeson solos compilation features Rush live in concert playing “The Analog Kid,” “Freewill,” “The Camera Eye,” “Natural Science” and “Marathon.” Part Two of the comp features Alex in spotlight performing such Rush classics as “Presto,” “Tom Sawyer,” “The Spirit Of The Radio,” “Caravan” and “YYZ.” Check out both parts below:

[Part One]

[Part Two]