Greensky Bluegrass Debuts ‘Until I Sing’ In Denver

Check out a recap, the setlist and photos from the show.

By Nate Todd Jan 8, 2022 11:27 am PST

Greensky Bluegrass launched their two-night run at Denver’s Mission Ballroom on Friday. GSBG fit in the debut of “Until I Sing” in the first set and also welcomed a few guests during the second set.

Greensky got things underway with “Courage For The Road” which led into “Auld Lang Syne” for the band’s first show of 2022 and after having to cancel their New Year’s run due to COVID-19. After finishing up “Courage,” the quintet paired “Room Without A Roof” and guitarist Dave Bruzza’s “Bottle Dry.”

After “Better Off,” “New Barns” and “Kerosene,” GSBG offered the live debut of “Until I Sing.” The song is set to appear on Greensky’s upcoming album, Stress Dreams, due out on January 21. While it was a first for the full band, mandolinist Paul Hoffman and dobro player Anders Beck — collectively known as PhAB — played the song last spring at Planet Bluegrass in Lyons, Colorado. “Past My Prime” counted as the penultimate song of the first frame ahead of set-closer “Living Over,” which saw a tease of the Grateful Dead’s “Eyes Of The World” as well as an “Auld Lang Syne” call back.

The title track to Stress Dreams kicked off the second set followed by “What You Need,” which saw the quintet welcoming frequent collaborator and percussionist Guido Batista on vibraslap. After “Murder Of Crows,” photographer Dylan Langille got in on the fun, adding Tibetan finger cymbals to Stress Dreams’ “Give A Shit.” The fun continued on “Broke Mountain Breakdown” which saw Paul delivering the “Macarena” dance and also contained teases from Deep Purple (“Smoke On The Water”) and Phish (“Down With Disease”) as well as a return to “Auld Lang Syne” before heading into “Miss September.”

Next, “Burn Them” saw crew member Josh Limpert joining in on tambourine. GSBG then coupled “Wish I Didn’t Know” and “It’s Not Mine Anymore” ahead of “Grow Together” to bookend the set with Stress Dreams songs. Greensky Bluegrass returned to encore with the Bruzza classic “A Letter To Seymour.”

Setlist (via Camp Greensky)

Set One: Courage for the Road > Auld Lang Syne > Courage for the Road, Room Without a Roof > Bottle Dry, Better Off, New Barns (1), Kerosene, Until I Sing (2), Past My Prime, Living Over (3)(4)

Set Two: Stress Dreams, What You Need (5), Murder of Crows, Give a Shit (6), Broke Mountain Breakdown (7)(8)(9)(4) > Miss September, Burn Them (10), Wish I Didn’t Know > It’s Not Mine Anymore, Grow Together

Encore: A Letter from Seymour


  • (1) For BJ Cochran’s birthday
  • (2) Debut
  • (3) “Eyes of the world” teases
  • (4) “Auld Lang syne” teases
  • (5) With Guido Batista on vibraslap
  • (6) With Dylan Langille on Tibetan finger cymbals
  • (7) Paul Macarena dance
  • (8) “Smoke on the water” tease
  • (9) “Down with Disease” teases
  • (10) Josh Limpert on tambourine

Greensky Bluegrass returns to the Mission tonight where they will conduct a “soundcheck set” to benefit victims of Colorado’s Marshall Fire (see below).

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    Greensky Bluegrass Shares ‘Stress Dreams’ Single 

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