Greensky Bluegrass Presents Totally Bitchin ’80s Halloween Extravaganza In 2011


On Halloween 2011 and 2012 Greensky Bluegrass presented a pair of Totally Bitchin’ ’80s Dance Parties for the occasion in Boulder and San Francisco respectively. As you might have guessed, both shows were chock full of fun ’80s covers featuring the band’s inventive rock-meets-bluegrass twist. Thankfully, a fantastic recording of the first ’80s Dance Party from October 31, 2011 at the Fox Theatre in Boulder is available for Campers’ streaming/downloading pleasure.

The ’80s covers Greensky Bluegrass filled the show with songs spanning a wide range of genres from the roots-rock of Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City” to the hip-hop of Young MC’s “Bust A Move” to the pop-rock of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like The Wolf” to the hard rock of ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man.” Greensky also mixed in a few originals such as “Tarpology” and “Break Mountain Brokedown.” Dead fans will also appreciate the group’s take on “West L.A. Fadeaway,” while Greensky’s “When Doves Cry” cover is still a show-stopper for the band in concert all these years later.

With all that in mind, take a listen to a crystal-clear soundboard matrix recorded by Phil Rollins:


Set One: Thriller (Michael Jackson) > Beat It (Michael Jackson), Hungry Like A Wolf (Duran Duran), Bust A Move (Young MC) > Break Mountain Brokedown (Greensky) > West LA Fadeaway (Grateful Dead), Sharp Dressed Man ( ZZ Top), When Doves Cry (Prince), Ghostbusters (Ray Parker Jr.) > New Rize Hill (Greensky) > Can’t Stop Now (New Grass Revival)

Set Two: Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor), Young Turks (Rod Stewart), Little Red Corvette (Prince) > Shuckin’ The Corn (Traditional) > Little Red Corvette (Prince), Atlantic City (The Band), Who Can It Be Now (Men At Work), Driving My Life Away (Eddie Rabbit), Tarpology (Greensky) > One Slip (Pink Floyd) > Tarpology (Greensky)

Encore: Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Poison)

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