Goose Debuts New Original At Winter Tour 2022 Opener In Tempe

Stream the full concert, including the premiere of "Dr. Darkness."

By Scott Bernstein Jan 27, 2022 1:31 pm PST

Goose kicked off their winter tour on Wednesday with a show at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Arizona. The quintet opened the evening’s second set by debuting a new song entitled “Dr. Darkness.”

A cover of The Wood Brothers’ “Atlas” started the first Goose concert of 2022. Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda tore through a solo while Peter Anspach played rhythm. Anspach then mixed organ blasts and guitar work on “Lead The Way.” The five-piece followed with a “Jive I” that gave way to “Butter Rum.” The latter featured shredding a plenty from both Peter and Rick before Goose launched into Eddy Grant’s 1983 smash “Electric Avenue,” complete with teases of “Black Hot Soup” by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Last night’s 70-minute first set concluded with an unfinished “SOS” that bled into “Slow Ready.”

Goose premiered “Dr. Darkness” to begin their second set in Tempe. The bluesy number was sung by Mitarotonda. Next, Peter Anspach led his mates through “Elizabeth.” The band took “Elizabeth” deep and did the same for the improv-heavy “Tumble” that followed as they explored multiple soundscapes at varying tempos over the course of the 44-minute sequence. Goose then played the reflective “A Western Sun” before the set drew to a close with the first “(dawn)” to be played separate from “SOS.”

The Connecticut-based band ended the night in Tempe by taking “Mustang Sally” for a ride. Anspach shined with a riveting solo during the encore and at one point performed from atop a road case set up in front of the stage. Goose now heads to San Diego for a show at The Observatory North Park tonight.

Stream/purchase a soundboard recording of last night’s show via Bandcamp below:

Setlist (via Coach)

Set One: Atlas {1}, Lead the Way, Jive I > Butter Rum, Electric Avenue {2}, SOS > Slow Ready

Set Two: Dr. Darkness {3}, Elizabeth {4}, Tumble, A Western Sun, (dawn) {5}

Encore: Mustang Sally {6}

Coach’s Notes:

  • {1} The Wood Brothers
  • {2} Eddy Grant, Black Hot Soup by King Gizzard teases
  • {3} Original, Debut
  • {4} Bingo Tour Theme and Mad World teases
  • {5} First time played separate from SOS
  • {6} Mack Rice, Rick told the story of the last time in Tempe when we opened the show with Mustang and no one knew who we were.
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