RJ Bee Talks Goose On ‘The Great Beyond’ Podcast

The Osiris Media CEO welcomes the Goose-focused podcast to the family.

By Scott Bernstein Jan 26, 2022 12:19 pm PST

Goose-centric podcast The Great Beyond is now a member of the Osiris Media Network, a JamBase partner. The latest episode arrived today featuring a chat about Goose with Osiris co-founder and CEO RJ Bee.

Hosted by Greg Knight, Bruce Robinson and Joey Parisi, The Great Beyond offers deep dives, show recaps and interviews regarding Goose and associated acts. The hosts had plenty to discuss with Goose dropping a new single and announcing two shows at New York City's Radio City Music Hall over the past week. Knight, Robinson and Parisi dove into the Connecticut-based quintet’s history of NYC shows as they were playing 250-capacity Mercury Lounge less than three years ago.

RJ’s appearance began with Bee sharing memories from a January 2020 An Evening With Osiris event in Brooklyn featuring a chat with and performances by members of Goose. “It was pretty obvious to us, and I think to you guys and many thousands of others that this band has something incredible going, musically as well as community-wise,” Bee said when asked if he foresaw a day Osiris would partner with a Goose podcast. “Ever since I discovered Goose I’ve been thinking about the ways that the Goose community could be brought into the Osiris community in a podcast fashion,” RJ added.

The Osiris CEO went on to discuss some of the other podcasts in the network as well as new events on the horizon. Talked turn back to Goose and RJ’s first interview with the band. He also spoke about the band’s meteoric rise as well as the importance of songwriting to what makes Goose special. “For me, there’s so much to be excited about with [Goose] that this is the up and coming band that I’m focused on in terms of new music,” Bee explained.

RJ Bee finished by sharing some advice for the hosts of Osiris’ newest podcast. “I just want you guys to enjoy it and have fun,” Bee said. “If you could keep it lively and keep it interesting without saying, ‘You know what, I’ve had enough of this,’ that’s a huge task. So, if you guys keep it interesting and keep enjoying it, that’s really all I hope for you guys. Because just like the band, the sky’s the limit in terms of live shows and recaps and other mediums.”

Listen to the latest The Great Beyond podcast below:

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