Full Show Video | The Heavy Pets Hometown Throwdown

South Florida’s own The Heavy Pets played a hometown show at The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton on Thursday night that saw the band dust off three songs that hadn’t been performed since bassist Tony D’Amato joined the band and debut a pair of new originals.

Heavy Pets originals “Precious Mind,” “Pleasure Tank” and “Bye Bye Sunrise” -which were each played in Boca -had all been on the shelf since D’Amato came aboard two years ago. The show also saw the debuts of the D’Amato-penned “Strawberry Mansion” and the Jeff Lloyd-penned “Ibis.” The owner of The Funky Biscuit, Albert Poliak, celebrated his birthday by guesting with The Pets on “Help Me Help You.”

Watch video of the entire show courtesy of M.A.D.:

Set: Movie Star, Precious Mind*, Strawberry Mansion%, Spin Round, Pleasure Tank*, HMHY$, The Ibis#, Hedi Sigismondi, Giant Birds, Sopresatta, Got To Know, Bye Bye Sunrise*

Encore: Madagascar > Pass It Down

* 1st time played w/ Tony/over 2 years
% 1st time played Tony original
# 1st time played Jeff original
$ w/ birthday boy Albert Poliak on keys (owner of The Funky Biscuit)